This is a Girl Who Doesn’t Often Wear Pants (or ‘Trousers’ for our British Friends)

Kate showing William what he's missing, Spring 2007

Have we ever seen Kate in khakis or clam diggers? No. Stretchy exercise pants while out on a boat, perhaps, and many pairs of jeans at polo matches and out and about, but that’s really the extent of it. We haven’t ever seen Kate in a pantsuit – even to board the plane to Canada she was wearing a dress and blazer. It’s all about the skirts and dresses for Kate.

I do love Kate’s lady like style of dressing, but if she chooses to wear a smart, well cut pair of trousers with some killer shoes to an official engagement any time soon, I must say I’d find it quite refreshing. Stella McCartney makes an extremely flattering pant after all and she’s British! I think Kate would just look so nice and comfortable but still sophisticated. And she also wouldn’t have to worry about the wind factor. That yellow dress in Calgary was delightful but she was clearly worried about the skirt up a little too high…and it almost did.

Arriving in Calgary, July 2011

Seeing that picture makes me nervous for the poor girl. I feel her pain.

I understand that in Kate’s mind she must be thinking that she’s got a job to do and that comes with a certain uniform. Fair enough. After all, she wasn’t about to wear a nice pair of slacks to pay a visit to her wedding dress with the Queen now, was she?

Off with the Queen to see The Dress

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