Chance Royal Meeting: Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly

Here at the Royal Post, we love a good Chance Royal Meeting that turned into something. Today we are featuring an oldie but a goodie: how Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly met.
                                              Luckily, we have pictures of this event. Grace Kelly was in Cannes in May of 1955 for the Film Festival and Paris Match suggested she meet Prince Rainier for an editorial feature. Grace agreed and decided to wear this dress because it was the only one she had packed that didn’t require ironing; the electricity had gone out in her hotel that morning.
Via Paris Match

The Prince showed her his gardens, including a visit to his Zoo. It was just eight months later that the couple announced their engagement in December of 1955. The wedding was less than a year after they first met, in April 1956.

Funny to think what would have happened with the House of Grimaldi and Grace Kelly’s bright career if it weren’t for Paris Match…Click here to read about ALL of the titles Grace Kelly held after her wedding to Prince Rainier. 

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