Sarah Ferguson’s Engagement Ring


I have always found it interesting that Sarah’s ring is so similar in style to Diana’s: they both were made by Garrard  and feature a coloured gem surrounded by diamonds. It seems fitting that Sarah’s ring is slightly smaller than Diana’s, seeing as she married the Queen’s second son; her Burmese ruby is also surrounded by ten diamonds to Diana’s 14. It is still nothing to sniff at, though and was priced at 25,000 pounds in 1986. Sarah loved that the ruby reflected her red hair.

Sarah and Andrew knew each other as children and became reacquainted

but it wasn’t until June 1985 that things really started to pick up speed. That month Sarah was invited to the Queen’s week-long family and friends gathering at Windsor Castle during Ascot Week. She was invited as the oldest daughter of a family friend; her father Major Ronald Ferguson, was a family friend of the Royals through his work as The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles’ polo manager. Sarah and Andrew were seated next to each other at dinner and hit it off. They announced their engagement less than a year later on March 17, 1986 and were married on the 23 July, 1986 in an opulent ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

This ring isn’t one of our favourites, but we do like that it is so unique and was clearly very personal and meaningful for the couple at the time. What do you think?

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  1. I saw the ring in person at a book signing Sarah was having on Staten island in New yOrk. It was okay. Nothing great.

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