UPDATED: Kate’s Erdem Dress, and Pippa’s H&M: A Fashion 360

Pic from the Daily Mail

Well, would you look at this….this is what we call a fashion 360!

In June, on the first day of the Royal Tour of Canada, Kate wore this blue lace Erdem dress.

Today, her lovely sister Pippa was spotted in London wearing this cream H&M dress. This H&M dress also comes in blue. I spotted it this past weekend in the Oxford Street, London store and recognized it as a copy of Kate’s Erdem dress.

From H&M Website
From H&M website
Picture from Celebuzz

We love the irony of Pippa wearing the replica, albeit in another colour. I wonder if she and Kate had a laugh about this! How could they not?

The dress, in both cream and blue, is 24.99GBP and in stores now (although probably not for long after a pippa sighting!).

UPDATED: Pippa has also been spotten in a blue version of the dress: 

Incidentally, it was also her birthday today. Very Happy Birthday wishes, Pippa!

For a look at another dress Kate wore on the Canada tour, click here to see our post on the grey Catherine Walker (one of Diana’s favourite designers) worn on July 2, 2011.


Pippa was also seen recently in this ZARA dress, another Kate replica from the Royal Tour (Kate wore this green DVF dress in LA, below). Too funny. (We love this dress, and, incidentally, we both bought it before Pippa was seen in it and have worn it multiple times! Love the peacock green/blue colour and length of the skirt!)

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