The Future of Princess Beatrice ~ Part One

Picture Via The Daily Mail

We enjoy following Princess Beatrice’s activities, and a few days ago included her in our ‘Royal Back to School Pictures’ post – click here for a refresher. Well, how timely that was, because on Friday she graduated from Goldsmith’s College with a 2:1 in History – congratulations, Bea! Here is a picture of the young lady with her parents Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York.

For the last few years, we have been watching with particular interest to see what the devil Beatrice is going to do when she grows up.

If Beatrice had been born a boy, he would likely be going into the military right about now, and also perhaps taking part in several royal engagements a year, but largely embarking on his own career, much like what Prince Andrew did.

A few generations ago, it would be expected that such a princess would ‘marry well’, split her time between homes in the countryside and London, visit hospitals on behalf of the monarch and cut a few ribbons, and never pursue any sort of regular career.

However, times have changed and we do not see things happening quite like that. Surely they will still attend certain royal functions as members of the family, but here is no model for Beatrice and Eugenie in terms of what a royal princess in Britain is to do with herself as an adult in this day and age.

This is a rather large topic so we have broken in down in two parts and will continue to discuss it in Part Two!

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