3 Replies to “Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s Engagement Ring”

  1. I remember their wedding reception dinner was televised live and we could watch the whole evening or maybe it was on the internet…at any rate it was simply top drawer. Love how you appreciate the Princess and her PRINCE so very much. WGA

  2. I have to admit, Victoria and Daniel are my favourite Crown couple. I think I fell in love with them when they announced their engagement and when they looked at each other and just held hands, there was such open and unabashed joy.

    The fact that they invited us to what was, for all it’s size, an intimate family wedding. That their wedding was such a joyous occasion, and they shared their love and joy with all who wanted to watch.

    Even now, when they look at each other or touch each other there is still a kind of wonder in their faces that they can do that openly after so very many years of discretion and definitely no public demonstrations of affection. Now they can’t seem to stop those small gestures, the loving touch, and the joy of their impending parenthood.

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