The Walk to Church at Sandringham on Christmas Day ~ The Countess of Wessex Part Two

Yesterday we looked at Sophie’s Christmas Day outfits from 1999-2003. Today, we’re getting a good look at the most recent years.


Sophie showed up at church in a festive red jacket and white scarf on Christmas Day in 2004. She and the Queen look very friendly here. She is in a typical Sophie-shaped hat – she loves brims and height! And it does suit her.


We’d forgotten that Sophie had long hair back in 2005 (she has recently grown it out again). This hat, as above, is classic Sophie. We love the pink, but the cut of the jacket is a touch too Star Trek…(oh, and gotta love the glimpse of Beatrice’s Magical Purple Hat in the foreground).


This is rather-fallish, don’t you think? It doesn’t scream Christmas to me….although the coat looks quite nice and we do love winter white.


We don’t have any pictures of Sophie in 2007 since her son James, Viscount Severn was born on December 17 of that year. Seems like a good reason to pass on the church service! The baby was due on Christmas Day but came a bit early.


Sophie went with skin coloured tights in 2008 – looks chilly but the little hat is looking good! Very Jackie O, especially with the square leather bag (what is in there?!). Overall, it’s quite a classic look.┬áLove how delighted the Queen looks in the second picture.


Buddies with Beatrice on the walk to church in 2009. Cute that they were having a little chummy moment.


As we mentioned, Sophie has grown out her hair and she’s been impressing us with her sartorial choices lately. Her wardrobe has really been on the up and up in the last year with great showings at The Royal Wedding and other events. Christmas 2010 was a good indicator of things to come, with a smart hat and jacket. We especially love the buttons on the coat.

We’re looking forward to seeing what she brings out this year! She has Kate to measure up to, after all! I’ll bet we’ll see the ladies all stepping up their game. Time will tell..

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