Rarely Seen Portraits of Princess Diana: Part One

These portraits of Princess Diana have been rarely seen which makes it extra fun to discover them. We hope we’ve unearthed some new ones for even the most ardent Diana lovers out there.

To begin, let’s take a good look at these photographs taken to commemorate Lady Diana Spencer’s engagement to Prince Charles. This one clearly didn’t make the cut for the official postage stamps! Prince Charles appears to be standing on a very tall box here….

This portrait of Lady Diana on her own gives us a better look at her earrings. They certainly look like the pair the Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing, don’t they? Check out our post on these earrings (and the Princess’ other sapphires) by clicking here.

Take a good look for yourself…thoughts?

We have to give it to her; Diana certainly wasn’t afraid of a serious collar. It doesn’t get much more serious than this:

This portrait was taken by Lord Snowdon (Princess Margaret’s husband) for the August 1981 issue of Vogue which was a royal wedding extravaganza. The collar theme is still alive and well here…

Moving on from those collars, Diana chose the turtleneck blouse look a few years later. Terence Donovan took this portrait on October 8, 1986:

And this one was taken on the same day. We quite like this dress. Great colour! Funny, though, that she’d choose to wear those random black earrings when she had so many more gorgeous options in her jewelry box. Maybe this was her take on the modern working woman look?

And now we’re skipping one year forward. This portrait of the Princess of Wales in an emerald green dress was taken by Terence Donovan on June 24, 1987.

This shot of the Princess ready to set out on a safari was taken on the same day. You’ve got to wonder what the back story on this is. Were they about to go on an official tour to Kenya and thought this was somehow appropriate?? If you have any ideas, let us know! This portrait gets the gold star for most hilarious and random portrait in our opinion.

And, to end, let’s have a good look at the Princess in her overalls…quite a change from those ball gowns! That must have been the point…

Come by tomorrow for Part Two! We have some more memorable shots to share…

5 Replies to “Rarely Seen Portraits of Princess Diana: Part One”

  1. Maybe the safari and overall photos were done for ‘fun’? Let’s hope so as they keep things from getting too serious and maybe give us a glimpse into yet another ‘side’ of Diana. Thank for portraits both seen before and not.

  2. the picture in the overalls is just a lighting test before she slipped into her ball gown. I have seen it before, where this was explained.

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