Princess Diana Having Fun with Accessories

Happy New Year!! We had a lovely wedding and will now be back to our regular schedule.

To kick of the new year, we thought we’d chat about some of the more unique ways that Princess Diana accessorized over the years. She certainly had a lot of fun with fashion and often pulled out some pretty fun and occasionally “out there” accessories and pieces of costume jewelry over the years. Here are some of our all time favourite examples.

This shot was taken when Princess Diana had long hair and was experimenting with different styles. Must have been a nice break from wearing one of her tiaras.

We know Princess Diana loved pearls. She wore this long strand down her back in 1985 for the Back to the Future premiere. I recall reading that she regretted her decision when she had to sit with the pearl knot digging into her back for the whole movie.

These long strands look so elegant. Our guess is that the pearl strands were costume; those pearl drops were NOT.

This look definitely steps into costume territory. She was certainly being rather daring with the red and black gloves, to say nothing of the brooch.

Princess Diana also loved polka dots so much that back in the ’80’s she wore polka dot socks to match her polka dot skirt.

She also pulled out a tie with little elephants:

And a black bow tie to go with her white ensemble:

Now this sweater isn’t technically an accessory, but it deserves mention. The front of it says, “I’m a Luxury” and the back says, “Few Can Afford.” HA!

So what’s your fave out there look of these?

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