Chance Royal Meetings: Sophie Rhys-Jones & Prince Edward

We received quite a few emails and comments when we featured Sophie, Countess of Wessex in our series on the Royal’s Christmas Day Walk to Sandringham (click here and here for a refresher). This post is for those of you who requested more information about Sophie!

We love talking about Chance Royal Meetings, and Sohie and Edward have a good one. They first met in September of 1993 at a charity event held at The Queen’s Tennis Club in aid of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  Sophie was working in PR and was there assisting her boss. During the event, she was asked to step in for a photo with Prince Edward to help promote the event. English presenter Sue Barker was supposed to have been there and would have been in the picture instead but she couldn’t make it at the last minute.

This is the photo!

Two months later, Prince Edward asked Sophie out on a date after getting her contact information from her office. Reportedly, their first date was a game of Real Tennis (the original racquet game which has evolved into modern tennis). Here’s a picture of Edward in his tennis whites ready for a game.

Check out our post on Sophie’s engagement ring for more information on how their relationship progressed.

Fun Fact: When Sophie and Edward got engaged, it got out that Sophie’s mother had had her own chance royal meeting; she had once danced with Prince Philip at a society ball. Wish we had a picture of that! If you like, our other posts on Chance Royal Meetings by clicking here.

To end, here are two very recent photographs of Sophie and Edward taken on New Year’s Day, 2012 at Sandringham. Prince Philip was there as well; this was his first public appearance since returning home from hospital.

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  1. Thank you for writing nice sentiments about Sophie and Edward they are truly a charming couple and very interesting to read about. I truly love them!

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