Some of Sophie’s Best Hats

Over the years, Sophie has pulled out some crazy hats; we’ve already looked at many of the ones she has worn on Christmas Day (click here and here to refresh your memory). Today, we’re going to step back and take a good look at a few of our favourites. As you’ll see, the bulk of them come from the last year. Sophie has really been picking up her game lately!

November 2007

First of all, Sophie has never been afraid of a large brimmed hat. This photo was taken on November 19, 2007 after the Westminster Abbey service in honour of the Queen and Prince Philip’s diamond wedding anniversary. How cute that Sophie wore a red hat that features a heart flourish for the occasion. Sophie is also wearing the pearl necklace that Prince Edward gave her for their June 1999 wedding; another symbolic gesture, perhaps?

Side note: We love Princess Beatrice’s classy little topper.

October 2009

Sophie wore this black hat to a memorial service in October of 2009. It’s nice to see her in a classic style.

April 2011

Sophie chose th fascinator by milliner Jane Taylor for Easter service on April 25, 2011 (just days before the Royal wedding!). Looks like a pinwheel dandelion and yet… it works.

Sophie brought out a serious floral headband for William and Kate’s wedding service. She looked great.

June 2011

Sophie chose this hat festooned with peacock feathers for Royal Ascot in 2011 and  still managed to look chic and classy.

So tell us, did we miss any of your favourites?

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