Tiaras Worn in Untraditional Ways: Part Three

We hope you’ve enjoyed Parts One and Two of these series. To end, we’re looking at  an eclectic bunch of tiaras that have earned a place on this list either because of how they are worn, or because of the design of the tiara itself.

As you can see, Princess Marie-Louise (grand-daughter of Queen Victoria), is wearing the Indian-style Cartier tiara in the traditional manner for the portrait below. This 1953 photograph taken by Cecil Beaton and captures something of her personality. We’ll have to chat more about Princess Marie-Louise in a future post; she had a pretty fascinating life.

We wanted to show that portrait so that you could compare and contrast it against this next one. Take a look at the photograph below; that is a very young Lady Rose wearing (if you can call it that) the same tiara in this photograph with her mum, HRH the Duchess of Gloucester. This playful photograph was taken by Norman Parkinson. Soooo cute.

Love it. Ok, moving along this next one is more of an untraditional tiara in itself. This piece was commissioned for Charlene Wittstock’s wedding to Prince Albert and was designed by Lorenz Baumer. It has become known as the “diamond foam” tiara due to the sea spray effect of the placement of the diamonds; it was designed to invoke Monaco’s situation on the Mediterranean Coast and Charlene’s love of swimming. Unlike traditional tiaras, this one is meatn to be worn as a headband just as Charlene is wearing it below. Thoughts?

Now, to end, take a good look at this tiara on Lady Katie Percy, daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, on her wedding day in February of 2011.

Yep, her tiara is definitely crooked.  In fact, it is so obviously askew that we can only imagine it was done on purpose. Maybe this was her way of bucking the norm in the midst of a lot of serious tradition; Lady Katie’s wedding to Patrick Valentine took place in February of 2011 and the reception was held at her family’s ancestral home, Alnwick Castle (side note: Alnwick Castle is also the setting for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films). Pippa Middleton and Chelsy Davy were at the wedding.

Until next time…here’s one more look:

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