Another Outing From Kate: The National Portrait Gallery

Apart from when she stepped in for Prince Charles at a dinner party for the charity In Kind Direct, last night was Kate’s first official solo royal engagement.

As the Gallery’s Royal Patron, she turned out for a special viewing of the new Freud exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery (for our post on the Gallery, click here).

As far as the strategy behind all of this goes, this event seems like a nice, somewhat easy event to use to break into her role as a Royal patron. Inside the gallery, it was relatively private since there were only a limited number of reporters and Kate was not subjected to being photographed and videotaped the whole time. She was also not required to do a walkabout outside or give a speech or interview which would have taken the pressure off significantly. That sort of thing will likely start to slowly ramp up now that she’s becoming more and more comfortable.

Now, onto the jewels and clothes! Kate accessorized with the same floral diamond bracelet and earrings she wore all over Canada, to Zara’s wedding, and to that charitable dinner party, so maybe they’ve become something of a lucky charm. Plus, they go with everything so why not? This photo was taken at the dinner party:

She also wore the diamond Asprey pendant that we first noticed her wearing in 2007.┬áHere’s Kate last night:

And here she is wearing the necklace during her break up from Prince William in 2007 (it’s there, we promise! if we can find a closer image we’ll post it). Side note: this photo was taken in the days following the break up when Kate was spending time back home in Berkshire. Her brother James had driven her into London to pick up a few things at her apartment, including this tennis racket.

The grey tweed dress was new to us but apparently not to Kate’s princess-ready closet. She is wearing a label called Jesire which is sadly no longer in business. We wonder if the ‘Kate effect’ will change that? In any case, there will be likely be some knock-offs of this dress out there soon.

The dress looks gorgeous and very ‘Grace Kelly classic’, which no doubt she was going for. We love the pleats of the skirt, the four black buttons, and the belt makes it a little modern and fun. The nude stockings (as opposed to black) kept things youthful, as did the black Jimmy Choo’s. Well done, Kate.

We’re looking forward to her Valentines Day engagements next week. Our hope is that she brings out another ‘old’ outfit or two from her closet…it would help her with her ‘serious working Royal’ image after getting flack for the recent Mustique holiday followed by hours and hours in the Richard Ward hair salon.

To end, here she is leaving the gallery afterwards. We bet she went back to her Kensington Palace cottage, put on something cozy, cuddled up with her new puppy, and called Pippa for a full debrief and to recap it all. What do you think?

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