Let’s Reminisce: Favourite Kate & William Wedding Moments Part Three

So, tomorrow is William and Kate’s one year anniversary and we’re just in time with the final part of this nostalgic blog party all about their wedding. Click here for Part One and here for Part Two if you missed ’em. Today’s post is all about the Buckingham Palace receptions and beyond.

Right before the balcony appearance, photographs were taken of the bridal party and the groom and bride’s families.The Little Blonde Dude we talked about yesterday is what we love most about this picture. He just wanted to make sure he was in the frame and to get up close and personal with Kate – and he was!

Also, it was the closest we got to this delightful and relaxed photo from Charles and Diana’s wedding when everyone collapsed in a heap:

So while all this was going on, the people lining the streets were able to walk down The Mall towards the Palace so they could watch the balcony appearance and get a good look at the Fly Past. The police had this all planned out and let people onto the street in an organized fashion.

This police officer got into the spirit of things and made it fun:

The crowd loved it:

Check out this video to see his swagger and hear the crowd. It’s just 24 seconds and will make you smile:


Next awesome moment: when Kate said “wow” stepping out onto the balcony. Yeah, it must have been quite the WOW. That is at the nine second mark of this video:


Then all eyes were on Grace van Cutsem, the grumpy flower girl who was having none of it and hated all the noise. She was hilarious; even Kate couldn’t cheer her up. More on her later…

A sweet moment as they headed in and we finally got to see more of the bustle and back detailing on Kate’s dress. The veil was lovely, it’s just too bad it obscured all that detail work:

And taking it all in one more time:

 Then, the couple received their guests. Love this insight into the receiving line. That must have been seriously exhausting…and people probably starting “M’am’ing” and “Your Royal Highness-ing” Kate at this point for the first time:

Looks like William led the charge down the line:

Then, after some cake and a lovely toast from Prince Charles, the couple headed back to Clarence House.  This was such a fun surprise. Kate & William left Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles’ Aston Martin, which he has owned since 1969. I’d fallen asleep right before this happened so it was a treat to wake up to.

Apparently in the midst of all the excitement William forgot to take off the hand break which made it a wee bit difficult to drive:

Here’s a youtube video of the departure from the gates:


At this point William and Kate had some time to chill out and watch some of the wedding coverage before heading out to their evening reception for their closest family and friends. They left Clarence House with Prince Charles and Camilla and we got to see Kate’s second wedding dress, also by Sarah Burton:

The best part was when William said what we all were thinking and mimicked Grace covering her ears on the balcony:

Check it out for yourself here:


Meanwhile, the Middleton’s were leaving The Goring where they had hosted some friends who were not able to be included in the Buckingham Palace ‘do.

Here’s Pippa in Temperley, which Lindsay Lohan later copied (check out our post on royal copycats here):

And Carole Middleton also in Temperley:

Little tidbits have trickled out about the reception, like Kate’s dad referencing the time William landed a helicopter in their backyard and that fireworks were set off in the courtyard before William and Kate made their exit. Harry apparently was the emcee and kept the party going until late into the night. Here he is leaving with some fellow revellers:

The next morning, photographs were released of the couple heading out in a helicopter to an undisclosed location, which turned out to be their cottage in Anglesey:

Kate with next day hair! It still looks great:

The Middletons also left The Goring and headed back home:
And, to end, after all that Kate was spotted picking up groceries in Wales just a couple of days later:
And Dad Michael Middleton did a spot of gardening:
Well, it has been a lot of fun to relive it all! Thank you for joining our little party and for your comments. Happy Anniversary to Wills & Kate.

Let’s Reminisce: Favourite Kate & William Wedding Moments Part Two

In Part One of this Three Part Series, we delved into the days right before The Royal Wedding – the trees being brought into the Abbey, William and Harry’s impromptu walk about, Sarah Burton’s not so discrete dash into the Goring Hotel…it still makes us all happy to think about it…

And then it was morning in London and announcements from the palace began to be relseased.  One of the first announcements was that William and Kate would be Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Earl and Countess of Strathearn, and Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus. For the actual statement as issued by the Press Secretary to the Queen, click here. It was about midnight where I was at this point, glued to the TV screen with friends. Life sized cut out figures of William and Kate might have been there, too. Meanwhile this is what some of London was looking like:

The statements were all timed out to perfection and rolled out one after the other. They detailed the clothing that the Queen, Duchess of Cornwall, and Mrs. Middleton were wearing…and then it was all about the groom (The Irish Guards uniform!), the bride (Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and the Cartier Halo Tiara!) and the attendants (Sarah Burton for Pippa and Nicki Macfarlane for the girls!).

Of course, all morning long the crowds continued to gather. This picture shows the thousands that came together in Hyde Park to watch the wedding on huge screens:

It was a bit of a hoot watching all of the guests arrive and wait in the Abbey, particularly the Beckhams, Elton John, and Chelsy Davy:

Nothing like checking your blackberry as you wait for the Royal Wedding of the Century to start. Elton looks tickled pink to be there:

Chelsy Davy showed up for her seat in the section reserved for close friends:

Then all eyes were on The Goring. Pippa and the flower girls headed out first and we loved their dresses. Side Note: If you’re really into the spirit of things, you might want to check out our post from when we had hight tea at The Goring last winter. We discretely took lots of pictures of the lobby and such because, you know. Click here to see.

And we loved watching William and Harry driving to the Abbey. Here they are walking in looking especially dapper:

Then the attendants arrived. Here’s Tom Pettifer, aka Little Blonde Dude, being just as delightful as he was the whole day. He’s the son of Tiggy Legge-Bourke, who looked after Wiliam and Harry when they were young. Prince William is reportedly his godfather. The little brunette dude is Billy Lowther-Pinkerton, the son of William’s private secretary.

Kate Leaves The Goring!!!

And then we finally got a glimpse of The Dress. I do wonder why they didn’t have the car in a little porte-cocher type tent so we wouldn’t see anything at all until she stepped out at Westminster Abbey, but no matter. It was a lovely sneak peak:

Arriving at the Abbey:

A peak under the dress and the derriere that ignited conversations the world over:

What a great overhead shot of the attendants. There’s the little blonde dude lapping it up again. He was just the best:

Prince Harry and his “wait to you see her” comment to William is right up there in our best ever royal moments. It’s at about the 9 second mark of this video:


Then William was all cute when Kate and Michael Middleton arrived. He joked, “it was just meant to be a small family affair.”

Another view, just because. You can tell Harry is doing his best to be appropriately solemn for the occasion:

And then up went the veil…this wasn’t show on TV so getting a hold of this picture was a treat:

And how cool was this shot. So dramatic:

There was a chance to sit down and pretend to sing:

And then…it was official! Miss Middleton no more; now she’s HRH! Time to curtsey to Her Majesty:

Heading off to Buckingham Palace. Check out the Queen in yellow in the background:

And Harry was like the fun babysitter in this carriage:

Once all of the guests had left Wesminster Abbey, a relieved verger did a couple of celebratory cartwheels which were thankfully captured by the cameras. Check out the video below to see and to hear the bells peeling in the background. Seriously. It’s soooo worth checking out:


And with that, we’ll pause until tomorrow. In part three, we’ll dive into the two receptions and some more of the delightful shenanigans that went on. Thank you for joining us for this nostalgic blog party!

Kate & William’s outings in London

For the past couple of days, Kate and William have been in residence at their London base, Nottingham Cottage. They have been in town to undertake a string of joint engagements, their first since before William headed off to the Faulklands.

Their first engagement was to the premier of Disney’s African Cats, which was a fundraiser in support of the Tusk Trust. Prince William is Patron of the Trust which seeks  “to deliver effective protection for Africa’s wildlife and natural heritage in conjunction with sustainable development and environmental education programmes designed to help alleviate poverty amongst rural communities.”

It was a rainy arrival, but William was on it with that umbrella. He kept it nice and high so the photographers could get lots of pictures. Well done!

As you can see, Kate showed up in a peplum dress by British designer Matthew Williamson. I can’t recall her wearing Mathew Wiliamson on any other occasion; it’s nice to see her in a new (for her) designer. This dress has a very similar silhouette to the LK Bennet outfit she wore for her trip to Leicester with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. I like the beading and exposed zipper in the back. I’m thinking she chose this dress for the event because the beading is slightly African inspired…It’s a bit of a departure for Kate.

Also – just me or doe she look like she has a bit of a spray tan situation going on? As far as I’m concerned, this is another hint that they are jetting off for a bit of an anniversary beach vacation any minute now. Hint number two was the tweets last weekend that Kate bought a bikini at Bicester Village. Another holiday after their ski trip earlier this month might be a bit much, but we shall see.

As you can see, there were some Cub Scouts at the premiere and Kate stopped to chat. She is a volunteer for the Scouts in Anglesey, but her sessions have been kept private so far.

Receiving flowers that match the poster:

Next up, William and Kate went to Goldsmith Hall for a reception that marked the centenerary of  help celebrate the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole. The reception was in support of the Royal British Legion.

Kate wore a cute Rebecca Taylor skirt suit (love Rebecca Taylor!) and accessorized with a poppy brooch, which can be purchased here. This Crystal Buckley Poppy brooch costs 15 pounds and raises money for the Royal British Legion. Kate’s good about being on top of these sort of things; she also wore a fundraiser bracelet in support of EACH when she opened children’s hospice The Treehouse. Click here to check it out. It might just be her staff, but I get the feeling Kate does a lot of independent research for her engagements and I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought of it herself.

During the reception, William held a three week old baby which of course sparked a lot of conversation.

Check out a video of this moment from The Telegraph by clicking here. It’s quite cute, actually.

Finally, Kate and William went home to change and then turned out to the Imperial War Museum where they helped to kick off the museum’s campaign to raise money for improvements to the museum.

Kate wore the Oatmeal version of this dress when she and William went to the Royal Marsden Hospital back in September. As we reported then, Amanda Wakely revealed that Kate had bought the dress in three colours. This is the gunmetal version, and she added a very cool belt to it. This is my fave outfit of the three. she looks so young and contemporary – and the half up style is a nice change. Love the gold earrings, too.

Here’s the dress in oatmeal. It looks a bit blah…the belt adds SO MUCH, eh?

During the reception, Prince William gave a speech where he said:

“Every exhibit, every display, every tank, aircraft and medal in its case, speaks to us of sacrifice, of the facing down of evil, of freedom bought and preserved – for us – at unimaginable cost in human lives and suffering.

It’s a message of reflection and remembrance, but it is also one of pride. In the course of the 20th century our nation, with our stalwart friends and allies from the Commonwealth and elsewhere, safeguarded the freedom of the world. It is as simple as that.

The Imperial War Museum is here to remind us of this unassailable truth.”

Sounds like they were all very successful events. Our next post will be Part Two of our reminiscences of the Royal Wedding. See you then…

Let’s reminisce: Favourite Kate & William Wedding Moments Part One

Time for a little blog party to commemorate the upcoming one year anniversary of William and Kate’s wedding. The year has flown by, and we thought it would be fun to take a look at all our favourite moments from the days leading up to the wedding as well as the wedding itself.

Warning: there might will be some gushing ahead. You have been notified. Can’t help it. Do feel free to join in.

A Spot of Shopping with the People:

Ok, to start there’s just so much to love about this picture of Kate popping into the shops in Chelsea just days before the wedding. Take a look and then we’ll discuss.

All right, that’s a Cath Kitson shop in behind, all decked out in wedding fanfare. How weird must that have been for Kate to see all this wedding stuff all over the place in shop windows and what not? Then there are all these oblivious folks going about their day checking out their Blackberries and what not. Kate’s wearing an Issa wrap dress and seriously old pair of shoes that are from years ago and should have been retired. Anyway, that is neither here nor there. It was all just so darn fun surprising to see her out like that when all the excitement was starting to ramp up. Maybe she had to pick up her own commemorative tea towels.

The last rehearsal!!!

Kate was really getting into her royal wave and it was all just around the corner. Heck, this was my Christmas Eve:

And it was so much fun seeing the little attendants trotting into the last rehearsal wearing their Sunday best:

Let’s be nostalgic for a second and look at this photograph of the young attendants heading to the rehearsal for Lady Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles with their mums:

And here’s a sneak peak inside. That’s a very young looking Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones sitting on the chair:

And here are Diana and Charles leaving St. Paul’s after their final rehearsal:

The Trees

Back to kate and William and…the trees! Now this is when things really started to get real. I mean –  there were TREES going INTO the ABBEY! What a brilliant idea. Truth be told, I didn’t get much done at work after seeing this on CNN. It was over from this point on until the wedding weekend was over.

London Getting Ready:

One Royal Poster was in London and took this snapshot of port-o-potties being delivered. The juxtaposition with Buckingham Palace in the background is hilarious:

The Goring

Seeing The Goring get all set up for the arrival of the Middletons was also pretty thrilling.

Our royal poster took this snapshot when it was starting to get dark. She reported seeing people inside the hotel peaking out at the Looky-Lous below:

Hmmm…that looks like Sarah Burton:

Another significant moment was realizing that that HAD to be Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton under that hood heading into the hotel for the night. Dress designer revealed!!

An Impromptu William & Harry

Then, when we thought that was it for the night, William went on an impromptu walk about with Prince Harry outside of Clarence House. Radar Online reported that when asked how he was feeling, William said, “I hope I’m not too nervous tomorrow.”  He also said, “Make sure you wave at Charles and Camilla” who were back inside Clarence House.

Ever the royal scamp, Harry jollied the crowd along saying, “I’m sleeping out here tonight. The atmosphere is fantastic. That’s why we came out. In there we can hear it.”

Soooo fun:

Parts Two and Three are all about the big day itself and we’ll post that later this week. First, though we’ll have a recap of Kate and William’s upcoming London outings. It’ll be their first engagements since William returned from the Falklands.

On Wednesday, they will be out on the town for the UK premiere of the documentary film African Cats and then on Thursday they will attend a reception at Goldsmiths’ Hall to celebrate two Army teams who recreated the famous race to the South Pole by adventurers Scott and Amundsen.That’ll be a full night; they will later help launch the Imperial War Museum Foundation’s campaign to create new First World War galleries in time for the centenary of the conflict in 2014. Looking forward to it…

Royal Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, & Page Boys Part Three

In the last of our three part series, we’re jumping around all over the place. Click here for Part One and here for Part Two if you missed ’em. Today we’re jumping in with the York ladies.

Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie 

Princess Beatrice was a flowergirl back in 1991 in this photo which we found posted in a discussion on the Royal Forum’s website. Apparently she couldn’t be convinced to leave her doll behind and took care of it throughout the ceremony.

Princess Eugenie joined Princess Beatrice for this next wedding, which I believe was for their nanny. Love this flower hula hoop tradition. That’s a very technical term, I know.

Lots of Little European Royals

Crown Princess Victoria included three of her royal godchildren (who also happen to be a future King and future Queens) in her June 2010 wedding to Daniel Westling. This made for plenty of great photo opportunities, but this candid shot takes the cake for me:

The little boy to the left is Prince Christian of Denmark. Next to him is Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway and at the end is Princess Catherina Amalia of the Netherlands.

Lady Louise Windsor

Little Lady Louise, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, did a great job at William and Kate’s wedding in April 2011. Love this pic of her with her cousin Prince Harry.

She broke her arm at Windsor this week when she fell of her pony. Hope she’s on the mend and doing well!

Zara Philips

Zara joined Prince William in the wedding party for Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. There she is on Buckingham Palace right in front of the new Duchess of York looking a bit non-plussed by it all. Great face on William, too. Oh, yeah:

Zara also took part in bridesmaid duty for Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones. She’s the blondie in the middle. Princess Margaret’s looks like a most dignified and classy Mother of the Bride in behind in her icy blue ensemble:

Love this picture, too even though Zara is obscured behind Lady Sarah:

Zara was a bridesmaid again many years later at her brother Peter’s May 2008 wedding to Autumn Philips. The bridesmaids wore strapless green Vera Wang gowns which featured her tan line, unfortunately. Oh, Zara:

Zara was right in there with her duties, though:

Hello, Harry!

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

To round out this post, Princess Madeleine of Sweden is our most recent royal bridesmaid. She did the honours for her close friend Natalie Rosta in August of 2011. Natalie and introduced Madeleine to her now ex-fiance, Jonas Bergstrom. As you may recall, there was a bit of a to do when they called off their engagement. Anyhow, Madeleine attended this wedding with her current boyfriend, Chris O’Neill. Jonas was there with his new girlfriend as well, so the event got some coverage in the press in case there was any drama (there wasn’t).

Smiling in the rain:

Madeleine on train duty. Looks like she’s got a pair of gold, strappy Manolo’s on:

Any favourites of all of these?? My vote goes to William at the York’s wedding…

Royal Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, & Page Boys Part Two

In our last post on royal wedding attendants we reviewed Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, the future Princess Grace of Monaco, and Princess Anne – all in their flower girl and/or bridesmaid glory. Click here if you missed it. We’ll kick off today’s post with Lady Diana Spencer.

Lady Diana Spencer

She wasn’t a royal yet, but I love these photos of Diana as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

Lady Jane Spencer was the first of the three Spencer gals to tie the knot. The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey on April 20, 1978 and was quite a London to do. Diana’s parents had also been married in the Abbey (in June of 1954). Not too shabby!

Jane seems to have been caught a bit off guard when the photographer snapped this one. Not sure what to make of the attendant’s outfits. The boys look ok, but goodness  those dresses are sadly reminiscent of table cloths or kitchen drapes:

Ok, so my question is, where was the reception? Could this be Spencer House? Or??

Wonder why Lady Sarah wasn’t a bridesmaid, too. Here she is with Diana:

And here’s a shot of more of the family that day. On the far left we have Raine, Countess Spencer (the Earl’s second wife, for many years also known as ‘Acid Raine’ to Diana and her siblings). Next to her is Lady Sarah, Earl Spencer, Frances Shand-Kydd (Diana’s mom), and Ruth, Lady Fermoy (Diana’s grandmother):

Lady Sarah Spencer was next. She married Neil McCuorquodale on May 17, 1980. They opted to have their wedding at a small church near Althorp, the Spencer’s ancestral seat, with the reception to follow at the estate.

Diana not a bridesmaid this time round, but Princess Margaret’s daughter Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones was. There’s a picture of her coming up below.

The Spencer ladies and sister-in-law Victoria Lockwood (pictures of her are coming right up) all wore the Spencer tiara on their wedding days. Click here for more info on the tiara.

Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones

Speaking of Lady Sarah (daughter of Princess Margaret), she took on bridesmaid duties multiple times. We’ve got two instances here.

First, she was a bridesmaid for Princess Anne in 1973. That’s Prince Edward all kilted up on the left. Once again, the pageboy got away with the perfect ensemble while Sarah was forces to wear quite the hat:

Lady Sarah was also a bridesmaid for Lady Sarah Spencer (Princess Diana’s sister) when she married Neil McCorquodale in May of 1980. That’s her in the back row on the left.

At sixteen years old, Lady Sarah was also famously the oldest bridesmaid for Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding to Prince Charles. She’s keeping up the rear here and earlier had the tough job of trying to sort Diana’s train after it was crushed in the glass coach on the way over:

 Prince William
Skipping along to the next generation, Prince William was a pageboy at his uncle Prince Andrew’s wedding to Sarah Ferguson in 1986. He got a bit bored and wasn’t on his best behaviour, at one point turning his program into a trumpet. Cute outfit, though!

Love this balcony appearance!

And this rarely seen shot of William with Lady Davina Windsor at Buckingham Palace after the wedding:

Prince Harry

Prince Harry had his turn for his uncle Charles Spencer’s wedding to at Althorp. He succeeded to the Earldom in 1992 so his title was Viscount Althorp when he married Victoria Lockwood in 1989.

The children’s outfits were inspired by a Joshua Reynolds painting that hangs at Althorp.

How fantastic is this one?!

To finish things off here’s the family shot taken at Althorp:

Next up: Princess Beatrice, lots of Zara, and some European Royals….oh yeah…

Royal Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, & Page Boys Part One

We’ve rounded up some royal page boys, flower girls, and bridesmaids over the years for this three-part series. After all, who doesn’t love a royal wedding? There are oodles of royal attendants and we’ve tracked down a few rarely seen photos to add into the mix.

Princess Elizabeth of York

We’ll start with the Queen. The then Princess Elizabeth was a flower girl and bridesmaid many times over the years. We haven’t been able to locate pictures for each occasion, have been able to collect a nice overview.

To begin, Elizabeth took part in the wedding of her cousin once removed, Princess May of Teck, to Henry Abel Smith back in 1931. Princess May was the daughter of Prince Alexander of Teck and  Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge.

How cute is this posed photograph:

Three years later in 1934, the future Queen also took part in the November wedding of her uncle the Duke of Kent to Princess Marina of Greece. She is  seated at the bottom left of the photograph below.

Looks like she’s got a floral head-piece on and check out those sleeves! Hmmm…do you think her dress is tucked away somewhere? I hope so. She looks like a sugarplum fairy.

The following year, she repeated her duties for the 1935 wedding of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester to Lady Alice Scott. That’s Princess Elizabeth seated on the left below.

Side Note: The bride’s dress, as well as those of her attendants, was designed by royal couturier Norman Hartnell. He later designed both Princess Elizabeth’s and Princess Margaret’s wedding gowns. We have some posts on him coming soon.

Here’s a close up of the bride and groom on the Buckingham Palace balcony with Princess Elizabeth in the background:

Now we’re skipping ahead eleven(!) years. The photo below is from when Princess Elizabeth (far left) was a bridesmaid for the Hon. Patricia Mountbatten and Lord Brabourn in 1946. The wedding was held in Romsey Abbey in Hampshire. That’s Princess Margaret on the far right and Princess Alexandra of Kent is in the centre:

Princess Margaret of York

Now that we got that peak of Princess Margaret, let’s jump to her role as bridesmaid when her sister married Philip Mountbatten on November 20, 1947.

Such a gorgeous dress:

Doesn’t the little fellow out front look like a young Prince Charles? That little guy is either Prince William of Gloucester or Prince Michael of Kent. Does anyone know which?

Grace Kelly

We’ll take a moment now to skip over to the future Princess of Monaco. That little girl in the front of the photo below (which I apologize is very small) is a young Grace Kelly. She was the flower girl for a family friend and wore a little bonnet with her dress. Cute!

Princess Anne

All right, time for the next generation of British royals.  Just like her mum, Princess Anne was asked to be a bridesmaid numerous times.

She was an attendant for Lady Pamela Mountbatten’s wedding to David Hicks in January 1960. The wedding took place in Romsey Abbey just like her mum’s wedding did (which we reviewed above). Lady Pamela is Prince Philip’s first cousin. Apparently it snowed quite a bit that day and until Princess Margaret’s wedding came to be, this wedding was dubbed ‘The Wedding of The Year.’

Here’s a candid of that event. Looks like they are getting themselves sorted for a group photograph:

Here’s a close up of the group shot that was taken that day. Prince Charles was seated next to Princess Anne:

We can get a better look at her tiered dress here:

 Princess Anne also did the honours for Princess Margaret’s 1960 wedding to Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Love this candid shot of her en route. Anne was nine years old here:

Princess Anne is standing next to her aunt in this group photo:

For enquiring minds, the other attendants were Marilyn Wills, 12, daughter of Maj. and Hon. Mrs. John Wills; Annabel Rhodes, 8, daughter of Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Denys Rhodes; Lady Virginia Fitzroy, 6; daughter of the Earl and Countess of Euston; Sarah Lowether, 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lowther; Catherine Vesey, 6, daughter of Viscount and Viscountess de Vesci; and Lady Rose Nevill, 9, daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Abergavenny.

And, to end, Princess Anne was also a bridesmaid for Princess Alexandra of Kent in 1963. Love this candid shot:

We’ll have many more royal bridesmaids and page boys in our next post. In the meantime, do tell us if you have any favourites so far…

The Royals Celebrating Easter Part Two

Yesterday we re-capped Princess Beatrice’s trip to York with her grandparents and what that all means. We also took at peak at picture of the Royals at Easter services in Windsor from 1987-1999 (click here if you missed it). Today, we’re jumping into the last eleven years. Here we go!


There was a great turn out for the first Easter of the new millenium. The Queen and Philip were there of course:

And so was the Queen Mum:

Sophie and Edward were well turned out:

Zara’s looking pretty chic here with her brother Peter:


The next year had another good turn out. Love the springy green the Queen chose:

The crew on their way from the Castle (the Queen is driven over):

A closer look:

And to round out the year, here’s a closer look at Zara’s:


There was more sunshine in 2003:

The Queen looked splendid:

Here’s a closer look at Eug and Bea. Beatrice was already into her bold fascinators at this point:


This Easter photograh of the Queen looks like it would be great on a postage stamp, doesn’t it?:

I think this year was an all time best outfit-wise for Anne:

The Countess of Wessex in a fascinator/ headband combo:

And Beatrice brought out some flowers:


Princess Anne wrapped up:


Spring has sprung! The green seemed to be in a jolly mood…

And Sophie brought out this huge rose. The person sitting behind her must not have gotten much of a view:


In 2007, the Queen led the family with lots of roses:

Princess Anne went bright with this yellow number:

And Sophie was looking great in white. Loving this fresh suit:


Autumn and Peter Philips were just a couple of months away from getting married at Windsor when they showed up for the Easter service:

There was a good turn out in 2009 as well:

Anne work chose this fruity basket number that year:

And Sophie brought out a BIG hat. Seriously, she must have a room dedicated to all of them over at their home, Bagshot Park.


This purple outfit screams Easter and spring time:

Princess Beatrice showed up in a hat she brought out again last week for the memorial service for Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother. Here she is at Easter:

And here she is last week:

Princess Anne brought out a total Princess Anne outfit:

Tp end, this photo was taken on Easter Sunday 2011, just days before THE wedding.

A best for Eugenie in my opinion:

Heading in:

Love this colour on the Queen:

Happy Easter to you all!

Princess Beatrice Joins the Queen in York & The Royals Celebrating Easter Part One

Get out your Easter bonnets! Easter Sunday is quickly approaching and we’re looking forward to seeing the British Royals heading out to church this year at Windsor.

Today’s article was meant to focus solely on the royals celebrating Easter in years past, but now that photographs have just come out of the Queen and Prince Philip’s engagement in York today  let’s discuss them.

Interestingly, they were joined by their granddaughter Princess Beatrice; her attendance was not included in the court circular today so it was a bit of a surprise for may. The Royal Maundy service is an annual event where the Queen hands out money to pensioners in recognition of their services to the Church and their communities. The Telegraph explains:

The Royal Maundy ceremony traces its origins to the Last Supper when, as St John recorded, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. Each recipient receives two purses – one red and one white – in the centuries old tradition.The red purse contains a £5 coin commemorating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and a newly minted 50p coin. The white purse contains uniquely minted Maundy Money of silver one, two, three and four penny pieces, the sum of which equals the Queen’s age.

Princess Beatrice has reportedly been very keen to be involved in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations so this is a way that the Queen acquiesced to that interest, plus she’s Princess Beatrice OF YORK so taking her along to the city had some nice symbolism.

As we’ve discussed in the past,  I do wonder if it’s tough for Beatrice to see the Duchess of Cambridge be embraced so warmly on her engagements and if that fires her up to want to get out there, too. Her long hair with curls and petite hat are a bit Kate-ish and being a working Princess must seem like a nice option as she’s been on the job hunt since graduating from University last year. Prince Andrew is keen for this to happen however, the Prince of Wales would like to streamline the number of full time working royals on the Civil List so it is unlikely that Beatrice will be added to their ranks. Princess Beatrice has had a high profile in the last week; she also officially started the Olympic Park Run on Saturday and ran in the race as well. It will be interesting to see how this develops! You can read more about Beatrice in our post on her future and her unprecedented predicament as an HRH Princess without a full time formal role here.

Now, back to the Royal Family’s traditional Easter service. It is held at St. George’s Chapel every year and come Sunday the Queen and  Prince Philip will no doubt be there,  and we’re guessing they will be joined by old faithfuls the Earl and Countess of Wessex with Lady Louise and perhaps Viscount Severn, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall may attend, though Prince Harry and Prince William have not been there for a few years due to work commitments and I’m guessing it may be the same this year. Same With Zara and Peter and Autumn Philips.

Time will tell. In the meantime, let’s take a walk down memory lane of past Easter Sunday services at Windsor Castle…


Matching royals! This is Peter Philips and Prince William walking hand in hand (cute!) after the service. Where the heck was Prince Harry? I guess he was just too young and was back at the Castle in his matching powder blue PJ’s or something.

This photograph looks so timeless:


Zara Philips and Prince William with Diana. Zara and William match a bit in their cranberry red…


Nice close up of William:

The Queen leads Harry out of the church by the hand in this footage:



The Royals were rather colour coordinated this year in navy and red:

Here’s some footage of the Royals arriving at church and heading out afterwards, with Harry leading the charge. Fergie and Diana are looking pretty chummy:



This photograph of Diana and William was taken at Windsor on Easter Sunday in 1992. That outfit is one of my all time Diana faves  and it must have been one of hers as well since she wore it so often in ’91 and ’92:

With Harry and William:

Nice to see the Queen Mum:


Not too many pictures of this year were out there, so we’ll make do with Princess Anne’s yellow pillbox and tartan jacket:


Sophie joined ‘The Family’ for her first Windsor Easter service in 1999. She married Prince Edward a few months later at the same church:

Chatting with Zara:

Prince Andrew with Bea and Eug:

Tomorrow we’ll recap the years 2000 – 2011. There are oodles of pictures from those years. See you then…and do share if you have any thoughts on Princess Beatrice’s recent appearances and future plans!

Kate Makes Her Debut at Madame Tussaud’s

How strange must it be for Kate to now have her likeness in three Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museums around the world, with a fourth to follow shortly? I mean, seriously. Maybe in a couple of years she’ll find this sort of thing par for the course, but it must still be a little on the WTF side of things. I am personally much more intrigued to see Kate’s first portrait when it’s unveiled (like, embarrassingly so), but this is interesting, too, if not to just conjecture how odd it must be for her. Her parents and siblings must be having a giggle about it, too. Check out our post on their reactions to the changes they have faced in the last year by clicking here.

In our post on the British Royals at Madame Tussaud’s back in January, we started to conjecture about when Kate’s would be unveiled. To read that post and see pics of other British Royals in wax, click here. Then, it was announced in February that Kate’s waxwork was underway and that she would soon be in four Madame Tussaud’s:  the museum in London where she is wearing the Issa engagement dress, the one in New York where she is wearing the lilac Alexander McQueen gown that she wore to the BAFTA event in Los Angeles, the one in Amsterdam wearing the black lace Temperly dress she wore to the War Horse premiere, and the one in Blackpool wearing the frothy pink Jenny Packham gown she wore in June to the ARK gala. The Blackpool museum will unveil their statue on April 18th and the other three were unveiled today. I wonder why there’s a delay for the Blackpool one…Also, do you think the designers are paid full price for the dresses or what? Apparently each model costs 150,000 pounds so the cost of the dress may be included in that price.

Turns out, the museum had originally hoped that they would be able to have the figure of Kate and an update of William ready before the wedding, but the scheduling did not work out. Then, Kate and William had been hoping to do a sitting together but they were not able to find a time that worked, so the sculptors had to work with photographs and measurements that were supplied by the couple’s office. It doesn’t seem that this was very high on their priority list but it’s all worked out.

The Telegraph spoke to the sculptors involved in a preview of the big reveal. Stephen Mansfield was one of the principal sculptors on the project and he gave a bit more background:

“Because the Duchess of Cambridge is being shown on the day of her engagement, I had to convey the warmth of her beaming smile and that expression has to reach right up to her eyes.”

I have to say I think they did an amazing job and they really didn’t cut any corners on Kate’s model. William’s isn’t quite as accurate, but it’s still pretty good. Let’s compare and contrast.

Here’s Kate in the flesh on her engagement day:

And here’s the waxwork in the London museum. If it were just Kate, there, I would think it was actually her. Very impressive:

And here’s Kate making a fantastic entrance to the BAFTA event in Los Angeles in July:

And here’s the waxwork. I love that they’ve paid so much attention to the details and to match Kate’s clutch and jewelry. The bracelet looks just like the hers and apparently the model is wearing the same Jimmy Choo shoes that Kate wore that night even though they can’t be seen:

And here we have the real life Kate & William at the War Horse Premiere:

And the wax model version:

This photograph is from Kate’s arrival at the ARK gala last June in London. We’ll update the post once the Blackpool model is unveiled on April 18th:

So, what do you think? Does it look like Kate? Does the William figure look realistic? I think William looks slightly off but they did a great job on Kate right down to her holding a clutch and having her hair done just so. Side Note: apparently each strand of hair is attached one by one. Crazy! Would love to hear your thoughts!