The Jubilee Windows at Harrods

Yesterday, we reviewed the Jubilee events to look forward to in the upcoming week. We’ll have a fun time recounting them as they unfold, but in the meantime, let’s talk about the famed windows of Harrods department store which have recently been done up for the Jubilee. The department store recently had quite the Jubilee party, as you can see here:

In our recent post on the Queen’s coronation gown designed by Norman Hartnell, we shared a picture of a replica of the gown that is currently on display in one of the Harrods windows. Here it is if you missed it:

One of our Royal Posters also took this photo of a window that features William at the BBQ with Prince Charles relaxing at the table. Love the apron and that is a clever use of those masks, we think!

Harry looked great in his William mask, which he wore during a race in Brazil in March:

Quite the jokester.

Another current Harrods window features the shoe design that the Duchess of Cambridge chose during her trip to Leicester with the Queen and Prince Philip.

Check out our post on that day out by clicking here. The Harrods website explains,

Designed for the Duchess as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the blue suede and lace creation by De Montfort University student Becka Hunt will be displayed in Harrods’ windows alongside five runner-up entries

Part of the deal was that the winning design would be worn by Kate – wonder when that will happen? Here’s design student Becka Hunt with her winning shoe:

Our final window is of a Jubilee street party. Love all that bunting. Very festive!

Happy Jubilee to Her Majesty the Queen! We’ll be updating the blog with our thoughts on the Jubilee celebrations as they unfold. Hope you join us!

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