Kate & William's Diamond Jubilee Tour Highlights

Kate and William are back in the UK and reportedly have a few days off before William reports back for duty in Anglesey.

Here they are on the tarmac of the Brisbane airport where they had a layover before getting on their flight to London:

They have the keys for their new apartment in Kensington Palace now, so perhaps they’ll have some time to review the renovation plans and progress in London.

As promised, a look at some of Kate and William’s Diamond Jubilee tour highlights.


At the Rolls Royce factory in Singapore, Kate and William had a princess moment with four year old Maeve Low:

And Kate flexed some muscle after clicking in the final blade:


Keeping calm and carrying on with aplomb:

And of course having that “quick shimmy in the jungle” as the couple’s Principal Private Secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton called it. He’s the fellow to Kate’s right in the photo above.

It’s not so easy to look dignified while dangling in a harness:

Solomon Islands

The next stop on the tour was the Solomon Islands, which gave us the awesomeness that is this boat truck resplendent with the royal standard flag:

Shortly afterwards, the Duchess of Cambridge was given this totally awesome Princess Kate necklace:

Wonder what she and William thought when they saw that? Gotta admit Princess Kate rolls off the tongue a whole lot easier than “Duchess of Cambridge” does.


On Tuvalu, Princess Kate was ‘Cathleen thanks to that delightful fan in her hand:

Wish I could see if William’s fan has a name on it as well. And what are they going to do with the plethora of beautiful shell necklaces they’ve been given, I wonder? Do they get tucked away in a drawer?

On another note, after all those rumours that Kate wanted to wear flowers on her wedding day, she sure got the chance on this trip! Tiaras of the floral variety, if you will:

And William got in on it, too:

 At the end of Kate and William’s tour of Canada last year, Prince William said:

“In 1939, my great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, said of her first Tour of Canada with her husband, King George VI: `Canada made us.` Catherine and I now know very well what she meant.”

In a nutshell, I think this trip was probably the making of them in a whole new way. Kate dealt with her first big media fiasco with grace and dignity, and they represented the UK extremely well. Plus we got to indulge in the frivolity of analyzing pretty dresses and such. Win-win, I’d say!

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