Danish Royal Family Christmas Cards

With under two weeks to go until Christmas, for today’s post we are jumping over to Denmark to take a look at some of the Christmas cards the Danish Royals have sent out over the years.

How festive! (via Danish Royalwatchers)
A wee little tree for Frederick and Mary (via Danish Royalwatchers)

We’re especially focused on Princess Mary and Prince Frederick, but a few other royals have snuck in, too.


This is the earliest card unearthed so far. If there is a card from 2004, I’m guessing it was a wedding picture. 2005 featured baby Christian and Ziggy, Mary and Fred’s adorable border collie.

Ziggy stole my heart (via RoyalDish)
Ziggy stole my heart (via RoyalDish)


2006 was a walk in the park…

Out for a Walk (via RoyalDish)
Out for a Walk (via RoyalDish)


And this photo for 2007 is a bit of a baffling choice to me. Where are they? Is that the hull of a ship under construction? Are they in some sort of fort? There must be an obvious explanation and they all look great, including little Princess Isabella who was born in April that year.

(via Royal Dish)
(via Royal Dish)


For 2008, it looks like they chose the white background package at Sears. Little Prince Christian takes the cake with that smile.

via Royal Dish
(via Royal Dish)


In 2009, Ziggy made another appearance in this autumnal stroll.

2009 (via Royal Dish)
A 2009 stroll (via Royal Dish)


This picture from 2010’s card is my fave. Looks like they were all on holiday somewhere exotic, or maybe they just have cool upholstery on some massive cushions in their house?

(via )
(via EuroHistory.com)


And then there were four! The card for 2012 featured Christian, Isabella, and twins Josephine and Vincent.

2 Princes and 2 Princesses in the Pool (via Royal Dish)
2 Princes and 2 Princesses in the Pool (via Royal Dish)

That same year, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie sent out this hanging out on the floor picture.

Prince Henrik (via Royal Dish)
Prince Joachim (via Royal Dish)

Fun fact: Prince Joachim is a partner in a large farming business that includes a Christmas tree section at the Schackenborg Castle estate farm. They export 1,500 to 2,000 trees a year to Hong Kong (source).He has also been known to send a tree to his ex-wife Countess Alexandra as a gift.

Here’s a pic of Alexandra with their sons in 2007 on their way to a Christmas concert.

Alexandra with (via Hello)
Alexandra with Nikolai and Felix (via Hello)

And this was the christmas card that Countess Alexandra sent out of her and the boys with husband Martin Jorgensen in 2010

Black & White (via Royal Dish)
Black & White (via Royal Dish)

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