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Hello, Royal Post Readers!

Thank you so much for sticking with us as we went on an unexpected hiatus as life got a little busy. As you can see, we’re back now with a new and improved blog format and plan to be on a regular publishing schedule going forward. We hope The Royal Post is now easier to navigate. As we go along we will continue to make improvements, so any suggestions or ideas are always welcome!

One bummer that came from our new format is that the ‘About’ page went into hiding and changing that has proven to be no easy feat. So, I figured I’d just write a post to re-introduce ourselves properly. It’s time to get a bit more personal!

As you may already know, we Royal Posters are Canadian twin sisters who have loved all things royal since the very early ‘8o’s.  No doubt our mum sparked this love when she pasted a picture of Prince William into our baby books since we were born less than a month apart. We now offer you some visual proof that this began loooong before the Copy Kate phenomenon.

These portraits of yours truly were taken in 1987.

Royal Poster #1

Here we have Royal Poster #1 in her special Christmas party frock:

Copyright The Royal Post

Copyright The Royal Post

And of course this is Lady Diana Spencer looking lovely in one of her many engagement portraits. This one was taken in 1981 at Highgrove, Prince Charles’ country estate.

-Getty Images

Getty Images

Note the similarity of fabrics, shade of green, and puffy sleeves. Heck, even the haircuts are similar! And, in lieu of a diamond necklace, Royal Poster #1 has a shiny silver and lace clown collar. Perfect.

Royal Poster #2

Next up is Royal Poster #2 (that’s me) in a red velvet party dress. As I recall, my favourite part of the dress was the rhinestone (but of course I considered it a diamond) button at the center of the lace collar. If you look really close you can see it:

Copyright The Royal Post

Clearly I was inspired by Princess Diana’s March of 1982 David Sassoon gown and stunning necklace…



…though perhaps this collar is more reminiscent of mine. Diana wore this patriotic red and white number during a state visit to Canada in 1986:

Star Editions
Star Editions

For the time being, neither one of us is currently living back home in Canada (one of us in Los Angeles and the other lives in London, England) but we get to share our royal hobby thanks to this blog. We’re so glad you are a part of it.

This post is part of a brave blogging link-up that’s part of Liv Lane’s How To Build a Blog You Truly Love ecourse. As a participant, I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone and share something with you that felt especially brave. Getting a bit more personal and sharing pictures from the ’80s fits the bill for me!! If you like, you can see what others in the course have written by clicking here.

Kate & Pippa Wearing the Same Clothes

Like many sisters, Kate and Pippa seem to either share clothes or own some of the same pieces (we’re sure many of us can relate!). Here are few examples where Kate & Pippa are either sharing their clothes or bought/ were given the same pieces.

Issa “Lucky” Dress

This dress style has been around for awhile. The Daily Mail called it the “dress of the season” back in June of 2008 after Kate and several celebrities including Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Davis were spotted wearing it.

Kate wore the white version of the dress to Wimbledon in 2008. Here she is with friends. She wore white to Wimbledon this year as well (a pretty Temperley dress) so that seems to be her ‘go to’ colour for watching tennis:

Pippa wore the same dress walking around London in September this year. This picture is from the Pippa-Middleton.co.uk blog.

They may each have the dress. After all, Pippa also owns the dress in red. She wore it to her boyfriend’s cricket match this past summer:

And Kate also owns owns it in pink. She wore it in pink to pick up her Trooping the Colour hat this summer:

Another shot of her with the hat in a bag…

Kate has worn this dress in black as well:

The black version Kate owns has a sheer back. Oh la la, Kate. She looks like she’s just back from a weekend away, doesn’t she. Where do you think she was – Highgrove? Or visiting her parents in Berkshire? Or??

This dress is definitely a favourite of the Middleton ladies! We hope Issa releases it again. It would be a great summer ‘staple’.

Whistles Beige Jersey Knit Jacket

Kate wore this jacket with a Diane von Furtsenberg dress for lunch with Camilla, Pippa, and Camilla’s daughter Laura at Koffman’s in the the Berkley hotel in London. This was back in February and it was during this lunch that the ladies were reportedly heard discussing Kate’s love for Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and how they couldn’t have trumpets in Westminster Abbey because the ceiling is too high.

A nice shot of Kate with Camilla:

Cut to May of this year when Pippa was spotted in the same beige fitted jacket as she went about her day in London. Could it be the exact same jacket or does Pippa have her own? We bet its the same one in this case…

Pippa wore the jacket again just last week. The picture is from Pippa-Middleton.co.uk

Kate’s Erdem Dress & Pippa’s H&M replica

Pippa was also spotted wearing an H&M copy of Kate’s Erdem dress recently. Check out our post on that by clicking here.

Wilbur & Gussie Gold Edith Bag

As far as accessories go, Kate and Pippa both carried the same gold ‘Edith’ clutch bag by Wilbur and Gussie this month. Kudos to the Pippa Middleton Style blog for pointing this out, as well.

Here’s the bag which can be purchased here, though the gold version is (unsurprisingly) currently sold out:

Here’s Pippa arriving at the Boodles Boxing Ball carrying the bag. Read more about this event here:

And here’s Kate also in red and holding the clutch at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds event. Read more about this event and Kate’s ensemble by clicking here.

So…is it the exact same bag? It makes sense to us that either Kate and Pippa share it since the bag has made two London appearances, or that Pippa does some shopping for Kate since she can get around and about easily. This could be an example of Pippa seeing something she loved and picking one up for Kate knowing that she’d love it as well…. and yes we know it’s crazy that we think about this.

Kate and Pippa do have similar taste in clothes but they also have distinct styles….we wonder what else we’ll see them share in the future. What do you think?

UPDATED: Kate’s Erdem Dress, and Pippa’s H&M: A Fashion 360

Pic from the Daily Mail

Well, would you look at this….this is what we call a fashion 360!

In June, on the first day of the Royal Tour of Canada, Kate wore this blue lace Erdem dress.

Today, her lovely sister Pippa was spotted in London wearing this cream H&M dress. This H&M dress also comes in blue. I spotted it this past weekend in the Oxford Street, London store and recognized it as a copy of Kate’s Erdem dress.

From H&M Website
From H&M website
Picture from Celebuzz

We love the irony of Pippa wearing the replica, albeit in another colour. I wonder if she and Kate had a laugh about this! How could they not?

The dress, in both cream and blue, is 24.99GBP and in stores now (although probably not for long after a pippa sighting!).

UPDATED: Pippa has also been spotten in a blue version of the dress: 

Incidentally, it was also her birthday today. Very Happy Birthday wishes, Pippa!

For a look at another dress Kate wore on the Canada tour, click here to see our post on the grey Catherine Walker (one of Diana’s favourite designers) worn on July 2, 2011.


Pippa was also seen recently in this ZARA dress, another Kate replica from the Royal Tour (Kate wore this green DVF dress in LA, below). Too funny. (We love this dress, and, incidentally, we both bought it before Pippa was seen in it and have worn it multiple times! Love the peacock green/blue colour and length of the skirt!)