UPDATED:The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in Copenhagen for a Humanitarian Visit

Kate & William are in Copenhagen today to help UNICEF with their aid for East Africa, where a famine is putting millions of lives at risk. The UNICEF emergency supply centre is in Copenhagen so it was only natural that  Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark join them for this humanitarian visit.

As we know, William and Kate became engaged in Africa a little over a year ago, and when they heard of the worsening crisis both from the news and from their friends in Africa,  they wanted to do something to help. Hopefully their visit will help inspire many others to do the same.

This visit has been fit into William’s tight work schedule with the RAF and comes when there have been some whispers brewing that Kate hasn’t been doing enough lately….so all round it was great timing for a truly important cause.

Kate and William spoke to the media about their feelings on the crisis. Yes – Kate too! This is the first time since the wedding vows that we have seen Kate speak publicly, and it was the first time since the November 16th engagement interview that she answered a question on film. This is all very intentional and part of a strategy to gradually introduce her to public life while managing her public persona. Notably, the Duke and Duchess’ official website quotes only the Duchess in their post on today’s visit. That is definitely be design. Check it out here.

The BBC reports that the Duke of Cambridge said, “I think what has touched me the most is probably the fact there’s an incredible amount being done. Unicef are leading the way and they’re doing a fantastic job. Sadly there’s still a lot more to do and that’s why we’re here today, to try our best to put Unicef ahead of the system again and get as many people as possible realising the truly horrendous situation going on in East Africa.”

The Duchess hoped their trip would help reignite attention towards the crisis. She said, “I think it was initially a very big story. A lot of people did hear about it, but I think because it has been going on, people have perhaps lost track of this terrible situation. So I think this, hopefully, will put the light back on this crisis.”

Check out their interview here. Kate has a bit of the same wobble in her voice that she had during the engagement interview. No doubt we will keep seeing her confidence grow:


To learn more about UNICEF’s work with this crisis and to donate, please click here.

William and Kate flew into the Danish capital this morning and will return to England later today. According to the Duke and Duchess’ official website, their first stop on the visit was a private visit to the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark’s residence at he Frederik VIII Palace. That would have been a nice ‘warm up’ for the day since it is believed that this was the first time that Kate had met the couple. We wonder if Kate felt at all overdressed when she saw what Mary had picked out. Or perhaps Mary felt underdressed? (Side note – this reminds us of the time that Jackie O went to a beach bbq in flats and clam digger pants while many of the other attendees, excited at the prospect  of Jackie attending, got dolled up and dressed to the nines. Since Jackie was a noted fashion icon at the time, fashion critics noted that Jackie thus set the tone and was the one who was properly dressed and the other guests were therefore overdressed….So, who set’s the tone here?)

Kate and William have quite a bit in common with the Crown Prince and Princess (after all, both Princes married commoners who will one day be Queens). Prince Frederik met the former Mary Donaldson during the Sydney Olympics in Mary’s native Australia. We talk more about that here, in Part One of our post on “Chance Royal Meetings, Olympic Edition.”

Now, we don’t want to take away from the very good cause that the royals were working to highlight, but we must have a few thoughts on the clothes. Kate pulled out another High Street showstopper that is already sold out (kudos to Leila over on the What Kate Wore facebook page for the super fast idenitification!). For this trip, Kate purchased the Ami coat from L.K. Bennet in what the company calls “Red-Burgundy.” The coat originally sold for 345 pounds but is currently listed for 276 pounds, though it is ‘out of stock’. What a shame for L.K. Bennett!

Kate added her own belt to the coat which added a lot of visual interest and individuality to the coat (wonder if Pippa had a hand in that?). Kate has  been wearing red lately, which is nice to see. It’s a lovely colour for her complexion, is seasonally appropriate,  and makes her stand out in a crowd.  We got a few glimpses of the dress she was wearing under the coat. Check it out below:

Via Lainey Gossip

Could it be the red Catherine Walker dress she wore under another red coat in Canada?See below:

Via Lucky Magazine

It’s very hard to tell, but what do you think? Is it the same dress? If not, could very well be the dress that Kate was wearing underneath her coat when she and William went to sign the condolence book for the victims of the New Zealand earthquake.

We are also happy to see both William and Kate wearing poppies in recognition of Remembrance Day.

The flowers that the Duchess of Princess Mary are carrying here were presented by two ten year old girls, the daughters of UNICEF employees. This shot was taken right before the royals headed into start packing boxes.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark showed up in pants, and we knew that Kate wouldn’t; she rarely ever does wear ‘trousers’.  As you can seen in the picture below, it looks like Kate is wearing a long red skirt that just about exactly matches the jacket. Her tall suede boots are keeping her warm.

Crown Princess Mary is a very stylish royal but she didn’t quite knock it out of the park on this one. Check out her stylish ensemble when visiting America in 2010 (she had a ‘Royal Whoops’ moment but sure looked swish in the midst of it).

Kate also has a trusty clutch with her as usual, while the Crown Princess is without one. It does seem like it would be easier for Kate if she had someone carry whatever she needs in their for her; especially since she’ll have to keep track of it while packing boxes and whatnot.

If you look closely at her wrist in the picture above, it look like Kate also pulled out her special “C” charm bracelet which we guess is from Prince Charles. It has been reported the bracelet was a gift from Camilla to Kate, but…since that has never been officially confirmed, we like to think that Charles gave it to the two “C” ladies in his family.

Kate’s gold plated leaf earrings are by Vinnie Day. Check out their website and the earrings by clicking here. They are currently priced at 100 pounds. Kate has worn these earrings many times before, most recently (we believe) when Kate toured her wedding dress exhibit with the Queen. These earrings also showed up on the Canada tour during the Ottawa leg, below:

Here’s a snapshot of the couple packing boxes:

Kate is getting right into it:

And with the Danish Royals:

According to The Telegraph, Kate helped Unicef worker Isaac Maina to pack boxes of aid supplies ready to be shipped to Nairobi. Mr Maina, 40, who is from Kenya, said: “The Duchess told me they are going back to Kenya soon.” Well that’s wonderful news!

William also tested some of the high energy peanut butter that is being sent to Africa. At first we were a bit disappointed in Kate for not giving it a go and trying it as well but perhaps she didn’t feel it was very ladylike to be sucking paste off of her finger in front of all those photographers. We’re germaphobes ourselves..

The Royals also donned hard hats and it’s the first time we’ve seen Kate in one! You know you’re starting to really earn your royal stripes when the hard hats come out…

Ok we can’t help it – here is Diana in a very similar blue hard hat:

Well all in all it seems to have been a most successful visit and we hoped it has helped raise more awareness that will translate into more aid for the victims of the famine in East Africa.

Updated: Kate’s First Solo Engagement

Another day, another Kate announcement! Last night the Duchess of Cambridge had her first solo engagement. As reported in the Daily Mail, she was filling in for Prince Charles who was in Saudia Arabia after the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s recent death. Pretty significant that she was able to step in like that on the fly!

On the Duke and Duchess’ website a palace spokesman has said, ‘She was so pleased that her first solo engagement was for the Prince of Wales, who has shown her so much support over the years.’ How nice.

We also can’t help but wonder if Kate is still trying to make up from her comments to coworkers back in April 2007 when she and William had broken up. At that time a work colleague by the name of Philiip Higgs told the Daily Mirror,

“She had about 10 people asking if she was all right and I think she just lost her rag. She said ‘It’s because of his daddy’. Everyone raised their eyebrows but didn’t want to push her. Normally, Kate doesn’t talk about anything. She’s very quiet. But it was as if she’d reached boiling point from one sympathetic question too many. She’d been trying to keep it together and hide her real feelings. But she got a bit angry about it all and momentarily lost her cool.That happens sometimes when people are being nice to you and you’re upset.”

Well, since we weren’t there we don’t know for sure if that happened, but that’s all water under the bridge at this point. It would have been seriously embarrasing for Kate! The spokesman’s comment helps to brush that little blip even more under the rug. For more of our favourite Kate Quotes, click here.

The attendees of the event were no doubt tickled that they were hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge in the end.

Via The Daily Mail
The event had about 30 people, and was in support of In Kind Direct, which Prince Charles founded in 1996. Robin Boles, the chief executive of In Kind Direct, said: ‘We were delighted that the Duchess was able to step in at such short notice after our founder was unexpectedly called away. ‘The Duchess hosted a very special evening with absolute professionalism and charm.’ Kate certainly looks like she really pulled it off:

Leila Tannaz over on the What Kate Wore facebook page identified this dress as vintage Amanda Wakely. Impressive! Kate has worn Amanda Wakely several times, most recently at the Royal Marsden hospital . This gown is another likely example of Kate readying her Royal Wardrobe during her relationship with William; maybe she wore it to an event at Highgrove in the past! It certainly has a but of a J.Lo/Marchesa vibe to it, which can go either way, but overall we think she looks stunning. Love seeing her in this colour and the darts of the skirt really make it – so floaty and ethereal looking. She’s certainly stuck to her favourite silhouette that we have seen over and over again at other formal evening events: long and lean.

Kate brought out her bling for the event; she appears to be wearing the same diamond earrings she wore on Canada Day and at Zara’s wedding, along with a diamond bracelet. These peices appear to have been given to Catherine around the time of the wedding. Perhaps from William? The pieces look rather vintage to us…

A sneak peak at the bracelet also worn that day:

Kate also wore the bracelet at the BAFTA event in Los Angeles (on her right arm):

Also interesting that Kate appears to be carrying a glass of water rather than the champagne flutes the other guests are carrying. This could simply be because she wants to be in top form on her first solo engagement, especially since she is representing Prince Charles. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Overall, it looks like a successful first engagement for Kate. It was well executed, and fortunate that there was no public prelude to this event, and that it was a relatively small in terms of attendence. It was also a nice touch that she was able to help Charles by stepping in for him at the last minute. Definitely a nice surprise today for all of us!

Earlier in the week, Kate was seen at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbride, the  Victoria & Albert museum in South Kensington and Starbucks in Chelsea. We wonder if she will be in London this weekend? On Saturday we are going to the Haunted Tour at Kensington Palace so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!

Also, it was announced today that:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend a St James’s Palace dinner for the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal on November 10.

Kate & Pippa Wearing the Same Clothes

Like many sisters, Kate and Pippa seem to either share clothes or own some of the same pieces (we’re sure many of us can relate!). Here are few examples where Kate & Pippa are either sharing their clothes or bought/ were given the same pieces.

Issa “Lucky” Dress

This dress style has been around for awhile. The Daily Mail called it the “dress of the season” back in June of 2008 after Kate and several celebrities including Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Davis were spotted wearing it.

Kate wore the white version of the dress to Wimbledon in 2008. Here she is with friends. She wore white to Wimbledon this year as well (a pretty Temperley dress) so that seems to be her ‘go to’ colour for watching tennis:

Pippa wore the same dress walking around London in September this year. This picture is from the Pippa-Middleton.co.uk blog.

They may each have the dress. After all, Pippa also owns the dress in red. She wore it to her boyfriend’s cricket match this past summer:

And Kate also owns owns it in pink. She wore it in pink to pick up her Trooping the Colour hat this summer:

Another shot of her with the hat in a bag…

Kate has worn this dress in black as well:

The black version Kate owns has a sheer back. Oh la la, Kate. She looks like she’s just back from a weekend away, doesn’t she. Where do you think she was – Highgrove? Or visiting her parents in Berkshire? Or??

This dress is definitely a favourite of the Middleton ladies! We hope Issa releases it again. It would be a great summer ‘staple’.

Whistles Beige Jersey Knit Jacket

Kate wore this jacket with a Diane von Furtsenberg dress for lunch with Camilla, Pippa, and Camilla’s daughter Laura at Koffman’s in the the Berkley hotel in London. This was back in February and it was during this lunch that the ladies were reportedly heard discussing Kate’s love for Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and how they couldn’t have trumpets in Westminster Abbey because the ceiling is too high.

A nice shot of Kate with Camilla:

Cut to May of this year when Pippa was spotted in the same beige fitted jacket as she went about her day in London. Could it be the exact same jacket or does Pippa have her own? We bet its the same one in this case…

Pippa wore the jacket again just last week. The picture is from Pippa-Middleton.co.uk

Kate’s Erdem Dress & Pippa’s H&M replica

Pippa was also spotted wearing an H&M copy of Kate’s Erdem dress recently. Check out our post on that by clicking here.

Wilbur & Gussie Gold Edith Bag

As far as accessories go, Kate and Pippa both carried the same gold ‘Edith’ clutch bag by Wilbur and Gussie this month. Kudos to the Pippa Middleton Style blog for pointing this out, as well.

Here’s the bag which can be purchased here, though the gold version is (unsurprisingly) currently sold out:

Here’s Pippa arriving at the Boodles Boxing Ball carrying the bag. Read more about this event here:

And here’s Kate also in red and holding the clutch at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds event. Read more about this event and Kate’s ensemble by clicking here.

So…is it the exact same bag? It makes sense to us that either Kate and Pippa share it since the bag has made two London appearances, or that Pippa does some shopping for Kate since she can get around and about easily. This could be an example of Pippa seeing something she loved and picking one up for Kate knowing that she’d love it as well…. and yes we know it’s crazy that we think about this.

Kate and Pippa do have similar taste in clothes but they also have distinct styles….we wonder what else we’ll see them share in the future. What do you think?

UPDATED: Boodles Boxing Ball

Hello All! Happy Monday! Today marks our one month anniversary of the Royal Post! Thanks for coming by!

Let’s take a look at the Boodles Boxing Ball, which took place on Saturday, October 1st at the Park Plaza Hotel in London. In attendance: Pippa, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and a smattering of other royal friends including Chelsy Davy.

The Boodles Boxing Ball is an annual event, which raises money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust (and is sponsored by Boodles, a British jeweller). And yes, there is boxing involved. With just sounds bizarre and painful.

Anyhow, there was no sign of William and Kate, and although we would have loved to have seen them, we think it’s a smart move to be selective about their ‘glamourous’ public appearances while they are not yet full time working royals and still forming a strategy for Kate’s  royal role. While this is certainly a good cause, Kate doesn’t want to be associated just with these sort of evening events; there needs to be a lot of ‘mucking in’ first to balance out the glamourous events and they did attend both the Ark Gala in June and the BAFTA event in Los Angeles in July. Plus, William is hard at work in Wales and it would have likely been too much to come back again for this event so soon after the Royal Marsden Hospital Visit.

William and Kate attended the Boodles Ball in in 2006 and 2008. In 2008, Kate wore a pink Issa gown and in 2006 she chose a blue BCBG gown. We haven’t seen either gown again publicly since. The blue one is looking quite dated in our opinion (though it was cute in it’s day), but we hope to see the pink one again. So flattering:

Kate at the Boodles Boxing Ball in 2008 (left) and 2006 (right) via People MagazineThis year, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were in attendance. Eugenie wore the  black dress she wore to Holly Branson’s engagement party back in April. It looks great on her.

Princess Eugenie, Via The Daily Mail
Princess Beatrice Via The Daily Mail

Not so sure about Beatrice’s print, but look at those shoes! Sparkly Louboutins!

And here we have Pippa:

Pippa Via Just Jared

Pippa showed up with Alex Loudon and brother James Middleton in a down to there red dress, said to be by favourite  designer Temperly. It’s very vavavoom but why not get away with that while you can? As for accessories, we were hoping Pippa might bring out the Robinson Pelham earrings tonight that she wore at Will and Kate’s wedding, but no luck! Hmmm….wonder when we will see those again? Seriously, when you can wear those why the HECK would you wear anything else?

Here’s a pic of the earrings:

And here is James arriving ahead of Pippa:

James Middleton Via Royal Dish

And, finaly we have Chelsy Davy. Even though she’s no longer dating Prince Harry, we wanted to include her since she’s a fun one to watch and well, she and Harry have broken up before, so who knows. She could very well be back in the royal fold again.

Chelsy chose to wear the same Alberta Ferretti couture gown that the she wore to William and Kate’s post-wedding ‘family and friends’ dinner reception at Buckingham Palace.  The designer made this dress especially for Chelsy for the wedding dinner. It’s nice that she could wear it again so soon:

Chelsy Davy. Boodles Boxing Ball Via The Daily Mail

And here it is from behind:

Chelsy Davy at Boodles BoxingBall 2011 Via Entertainment Wise

Here’s a sketch of Ferretti’s design of the dress, which was released by the designer at the time of the Royal wedding:

We love the blue, and thinks she looks GREAT! The blue dress was a big success on the night of the Royal Wedding as well, especially after the green number for the ceremony not turning out so well!

Just for fun, here she is with the York girls on the wedding day, cozy in the middle:

Join us tomorrow for a look at a very special tiara…one of our favourite topics!

UPDATED:The Royal Marsden Hospital Visit!

So today was the hottest end of September day since 1895 in London, so William and Kate had to keep cool for this engagement. The couple arrived together, William rather tuckered out, but more on that later.

The Dress

Kate opted for a demure, fresh looking dress but alas it wasn’t one of the ones we predicted. It was neutral coloured with three quarter length sleeves and a high neck. Kate looks very nice but this sure is a rather ho-hum look. She was probably going for that, though because wants to be taken seriously and not just talked about for what she is wearing. It must get a little embarrassing. That is precisely the reason that there is NO WAY Kate will be appearing on the cover of Vogue anytime soon, at least not for years and year. Princess Diana did pose for Vogue during her engagement and quickly earned the reputation of a clotheshorse, something that Kate is trying to avoid. Kate knows she has some royal credibility to attain here and the sooner that happens the better! It would be fun if she did, but we get why she isn’t. Here’s Diana’s first of four Vogue covers wearing some borrowed bling from :

Anyway, sorry, we got totally sidetracked there. Back to the dress! At first glance, it looks like the Malene Birger she wore in Yellowknife the day William played street hockey….

But the fabric looks a little different and there is no belt on the one she wore today. It has a similar silhouette to the Joseph dress she wore to visit The Dress with the Queen. She really likes three quarter sleeves!

But alas that’s not it, either. Here she is with William today arriving as the sun shines in London:

Another look. William does this hand gesture a lot…quite sweet:

So it looks like it could be a little number from British designer Amanda Wakely, as pointed out by the astute observers at WhatKateWore and Kates-Wardrobe. Click here to see the dress on the company website.

UPDATE: Wakeley later tweeted that Kate also purchased this dress in Black and Gunmental. It does seem like the perfect dress to have on hand for visits to Balmoral, Sandringham, or Highgrove, or for those meetings she’s been taking to get integrated into her royal role.

Princess Diana also wore Amanda Wakely so it’s a rather appropriate choice considering that Diana was once the president of the Royal Marsden Hospital, a post that Prince William has filled since 2007. Here she is in one of her suits:

And here’s Kate wearing Amanda Wakely back in April. This suit was from a 2007 collections and as we pointed out the other day could have been in Kate’s mind for future royal engagement when she bought it (click here for a refresher):

The Shoes

For the engagement today, Kate wore her fave sledge LK Bennet shoes (surprise!). She also wore them when she and Kate arrived in Calgary (pic below)…

The Clutch

For the engagement, Kate carried a boxy gold clutch which looks like the LK Bennet Natalie bag. The bag features a woven straw exterior and is available on the company website for 90 pounds as of the writing of this post. Click here to be directed to that site. Kate also carried this bag when she and William arrived in Calgary:


As for her jewelry, We wish Kate had worn a fun, long necklace to give this dress a bit more pop! For today she chose her diamond cross which we last saw at the Royal Order of the Garter and during the Los Angeles portion of the North American tour:

Here it is at the Royal Order of the Garter. Kate certainly does like neutral tones, doesn’t she? She wasn’t lying when she said her favourite colour was white:

And in Los Angeles:

In any event, it sounds like it was a very succesful visit and included a visit with Alice Marples, a 12 year old cancer patient who had met William before but hoped to meet Kate. And kudos go to Prince William for showing up despite having a 24 hour shift right before in which he took part in two missions. What a prince!

Kate was already in London as we know from being spotted heading into her hair salon (it does look a tad shorter, doesn’t it?) and shopping at Top Shop. She must have also had a few meetings in preparation for her royal role which must have brought her to town. No doubt they will head back to Wales in the next day or two.

Update: Here is a charming picture from the visit:

And getting cozy for a chat:

And Kate greeting the crowds on the way out:

Well done, William and Kate!

Predictions for Kate’s Outfit Tomorrow at the Royal Marsden Hospital

We’ve had a lot of fun over the last few days reviewing Kate’s official UK outfits since her engagement to Prince William. If you missed those posts, click here for Part One and here for Part Two.

William and Kate’s visit to the Royal Marsen Hospital tomorrow will be Kate’s 13th official appearance in the UK since the wedding (not that we’re counting or anything). William has taken on the role of president of the hospital, a post his mother used to fill, so this is a significant outing for the couple. William and Kate will open a new cancer unit and meet patients.

To have some fun, we’ve made a few predictions for what Kate might be seen in tomorrow.

Repeat Prediction 1: Black Polka Dot Skirt Suit

Since Kate had a tiny bit of criticism for wearing pricey McQueen to the Birmingham post-riots engagement in August and because she has been wearing a lot of new outfits since the wedding, she may decide to wear a demure suit or dress from her existing wardrobe. This would certainly be an outfit on the more formal side, but Kate sure does like her skirt suits so she might just pull this out.

We haven’t seen this outfit since the royal engagement; Kate wore this black with white polka dots skirt suit when she attended the Order of the Garter ceremony in 2008 (When William was made the 1000th knight in the Order). She also wore this suit on a trip to Dublin in 2007, when she went with her mother to an art show (see below).

Repeat Prediction 2: Grey Catherine Walker dress

Kate wore this grey Catherine Walker dress in July in Ottawa, Canada. We first talked about this dress here. We think it would be appropriate since it’s demure enough for a hospital, is appropriate for September (and London is expecting an uncharacteristic heat wave this week), and it would be a nod to Diana who, as we mentioned, was once President of the Royal Marsden Hospital and who wore Catherine Walker more than any other designer. The one downside is that Kate did wear this very recently, so she may wait awhile yet to repeat this dress.

New Outfit Predictions

Alternatively, since she has designers throwing themselves at her to wear their pieces and she is continuing to build the wardrobe of a working royal, she very well may wear something new. In fact, we’re pretty sure that she will.

#1 New Prediction: A Cheerful “Caring” Dress

Diana liked to wear dresses in cheerful colors to help brighten up the often bleak hospitals she visited. For example, Diana wore this purple, flowery number by Belville Sassoon to charities and hospitals so much over the years that it was dubbed the “Caring Dress.” In fact, it may very well be one of the most frequently seen dresses from Diana’s closet. Perhaps Kate will follow suit and will show up in a new, cheerful frock as well.

Something like this See by Chloe floral print dress would be lovely – and it’s available at Harvey Nichols which is just around the corner from Kensington Palace. Kate’s been known to shop at Harvey Nichols via their personal shopping service, particularly in the lead up to the Canada tour. She could pair it with a blazer for warmth to help pump up the “professional working royal” factor:

Or this one! Kate does like a structured dress and this would be great with her colouring. This dress is by Tibi:

#2 New Prediction:  Melene Birger

How about this colourful and respectful number?

#3 New Prediction: Kate’s New Pieces from Topshop (but hopefully one or the other…NOT together)

If you haven’t read the great story about Kate’s visit to Topshop the other night witnessed by none other than the writer of getwhatkatewore.com, click here. While there, Kate bought this skirt (in teal) and jacket, along with a pair of gold coloured earrings that aren’t currently available online:

So they don’t exactly go together, but apart would be rather appropriate for a hospital visit, no?
 And that skirt is VERY similar to our the Order of the Garter skirt (Repeat Prediction #1 above). It also reminds us of Diana at Ascot back in the ’80’s (although we know Diana wore thousands of outfits, so we try to stay away from comparisons).

Or perhaps Kate will go in another direction entirely and pop out in a new designer outfit just like she did over the weekend. We don’t think Kate will bring out another McQueen; we’ve seen her in four McQueen outfits at engagements since the wedding and it’s time to mix it up a bit. Same goes for Issa – the label is lovely but doesn’t quite scream “visiting sick children.” And you already know how we feel about Vivienne Westwood. Here are a few British designers we may see:

#1 Catherine Walker

Again, because it would be a nod to Diana, and because Catherine Walker designs are demure and appropriate for visiting a hospital. Quite like the grey jacket on the far right with the stand up colour…and a cute dress could go under it, and as long as someone could take care of Kate’s coat after she took it off when touring the hospital, we’d get to see basically two outfits in one. We’re sure that could be arranged:

This is slightly off topic, but we’d love to see Kate in something like the peach number on the far left. Perhaps not for this, but for a party or cocktail occasion. It’s so young and fresh!

#2 Katherine Hooker

Apparently Kate was wearing her Katherine Hooker coat when she was in Topshop the other night. Maybe she’s purchased a new one lately?

Love this purple number from the winter collection:

#3 Stella McCartney

She’s British! And stylish. And did we mention she’s British? Kate has just been pictured in one Stella McCartney dress that we know of…time for another one!

Here she is leaving Prince Philip’s birthday dinner in a McCartney dress she bought on sale:

Maybe something like this would do (with the appropriate undergarments, of course, and a slightly more structured sleeve). We know Kate likes navy!

Any other guesses before the engagement??

We’ll post as soon as possible tomorrow! See you then!

A Review of Kate’s Official Engagement Outfits – Part Two

Continuing on from yesterdays post (click here for a refresher), we will now review the rest of Kate’s UK public appearances since her wedding.

8) Wimbledon, June 2011.

During Kate and William’s tour of North America, Kate was asked by a child in Los Angeles what her favorite color was. Kate replied that she liked white. That certainly is evident when it comes to her clothing! Kate wore this new gorgeous tennis-y, white Temperley London dress to Wimbledon over the summer. This is another label that Kate likely has a working relationship with. Her sister, Pippa, famously wore a custom green Temperley dress for the wedding dinner at Buckingham Palace and recently sat in the front row of Temperley’s show at London Fashion Week.

This outing was also the second time Kate publicly wore the sapphire and diamond drop earrings. Here’s a better view:

via The Daily Mail

Here are the earrings on Diana before they were made into drops:

9) Royal Wedding Dress Exhibit at Buckingham Palace with the Queen, July 2011.

Kate brought out another new dress for Kate. She’s wearing a lovely cream Joseph dress from the then-current collection. If you haven’t seen any yet, there are a number of hilarious videos of the Queen commenting on the dress display. Poor Kate was trying to keep things nice and on an even keel, no doubt so as not to humiliate the curator, but the Queen really went for it calling the display of the headless wedding dress wearing mannequin “horrid”.

10) Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall Pre-Wedding Event, July 2011.

We'd love to know the joke!

This is the second UK appearance repeat for Kate since the wedding (as noted in Part One, these posts are not including the Royal Tour to Canada and California). This Diane von Furstenberg dress was first seen in Los Angeles and was the perfect choice for the cocktail party aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. We love that she is so relaxed and not wearing something that would draw attention away from the bride.

11) Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall Wedding, July 2011.

The new part of this dress is the hat. And what a hat it is! The hat was created by milliner Gina Foster. The hat was available off the peg in navy, but Kate requested it be made in this straw colour to match her coat.

The coat is by Malene Birger and it, along with the lace dress she is wearing underneath, have been worn to two previous weddings – Laura Parker Bowles’ in 2006 and friend Oli Barker’s in 2010.

Here she is at Laura’s wedding in 2006:

And at Oli’s. Not sure the black hat really goes but she is trying to mix it up!:

She also wore the dress at a book launch in 2007 (during the break up phase which explains the rather sad look on her face). Here’s a shot of the lovely lace dress from that appearance:

12) Post-Riot Visit to Birmingham, August 2011.

Another military inspired Alexander McQueen ensemble made an appearance – Kate’s fifth McQueen ensemble since her wedding day (she must have had so much fun picking them all out!). On the day of this engagement, this outfit was available on Net-a-Porter.

Overall, this outfit was a bit of a miss we have to say. Kate looks polished and professional, but the outfits just seems like a bit much and out of place (Birmingham is not a coastal city!). As soon as we saw the pics we thought this might be the first bit of criticism Kate will get from the media since the wedding. There was a bit of criticism for wearing such an expensive outfit to the riot scene, but for the most part the media is still being kind to Kate and long may that last.

So, that sums it up folks – twelve official Royal-related public appearances in the UK since the wedding…with mostly new outfits and a smattering of old favourites (three repeats in the UK, to be exact).

What will it be on Thursday when William and Kate visit the Royal Marsden Hospital? We will post our predictions later today – stay tuned!

A Review of Kate’s Official Engagement Outfits – Part One

Hello, again! This is a long post today, so settle in and get comfortable. We have broken this post into two parts, so please come back tomorrow for part two! Yesterday we looked at Kate’s outfits as a royal fiancee. Click here for a refresher. Today, let’s review her choices for her official appearances in the UK since April 29th. (We won’t cover the Canada tour in this particular post.)

Interestingly, although she wore four repeats in six public appearances during her engagement, she wore three repeats in the twelve UK official events since the wedding. (Again, this does not include the Canada tour.) This is not a criticism at all – we love seeing new outfits, as well as recognizing old favourites!

1) Meeting the Obama’s at Buckingham Palace, May 2011.

William and Kate’s first publicized engagement after their wedding was a visit with the Obamas at Buckingham Palace during their State Visit. Kate wore a new Reiss dress called  ‘the Shola’, which was available for purchase in spring 2011. The dress quickly sold out and Kate was lauded both for looking chic and for wearing an accessible High Street label. She also wore the dress in such  a way that it looked like a much pricier item. Kate also appears to be wearing some statement shell jewelry around her neck – perhaps purchased on honeymoon in the Seychelles?

And I know we are focussing on the clothes, but what do you think they were all talking about? The wedding, honeymoon, how the Obama’s trip has been going so far? We bet Kate and Michelle had some good talking points planned out in their minds  to keep the conversation going. Must be strange trying to have a conversation when you know you are going to be photographed. Kate and William both like to keep their hands animated for the photos!

2) ARK Charity Gala, June 2011.

This was the first formal evening event for Kate as HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and she wore a new Jenny Packham dress that was still in stores at the time (on sale). Although not a tiara event (we have a post in the works on Kate’s tiara future – stay tuned!), she really brought out the bling with the dazzling Jenny Packham dress that was conservative (she didn’t have to worry about cleavage like Diana did when she wore that black strapless number on her first formal evening out with Prince Charles), flattering, age appropriate and FUN.

Here are a couple of pictures of Diana at her first formal royal event at the Royal Opera House in March of 1981. Looks like a very stressful dress to have worn! It was designed by the same duo who created her wedding dress, David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

Kate’s Jenny Packham dress is also the same silhouette that Kate has repeatedly worn for formal evening events so it’s safe to say this is the silhouette we will keep seeing. Let’s take a look at the evening dresses we have seen Kate in to make our point.

Here she is at the Boodles Boxing Ball in 2006 wearing BCBG:

And here she is at the same event in 2008 wear a pink Issa gown:

And we have another Issa dress here. This picture was taken at a charity dinner for the Starlight Children’s Foundation in 2009:

And I’m sure we all recognize this from the BAFTA event in Los Angeles in July 2011. This gown is Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

So I think we’ve made our point…onto the next!

3) Prince Philip’s Birthday service, June 2011.

Kate and William at Prince Philip's Birthday Service, June 2011

Kate wore this Jane Troughton coat (above) that she was last seen wearing in 2009 at the wedding of Nicholas Van Cutsem and  Alice Haddon Patton. We talked about that outfit (one of our favourite pre engagement looks) here.

Kate wore earrings made from Diana’s set for the first time in public at this event. As has been widely discussed elsewhere, these earrings were made from a set of diamond and sapphire jewelry that Diana received as a wedding gift from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The stones worn as earrings by Diana and Kate were originally set as the wrist band of a watch.

Here are a few pics of the stones once they were set as earrings.

Diana in one of the original settings of the diamond and sapphire set
And again, in another setting

The way Kate is wearing the earrings seems like a perfect fit for her. Not too flashy but still beautiful. That way she doesn’t have to wait for ‘big’ events to bring them out and could wear them to Wimbledon! More on that in tomorrow’s post (part two).

4) Order of the Garter Ceremony, June 2011. 

Kate was stunning in this grey Katherine Hooker dress and coat that was specially designed with an antique clasp for her from the Buxton design. She got some criticism for looking older than her age, but we think she looks very princess-perfect, and appropriate for what is a very special event for the Royal family. We hope to see this one again in the new few years, perhaps at a wedding or baby christening…

That’s a serious hat, too. Can’t help but wonder how much room those hats take up in her closet at their cottage in Kensington Palace.

5) Trooping the Colour, June 2011.

Kate wore a white Alexander McQueen for this occasion which featured her second royal carriage ride and appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony.  Two months after their big appearance on the balcony after their wedding ceremony, Kate and William appear once again in remarkably similar ensembles. William is wearing his Irish Guards uniform like he did on The Big Day, and Kate, standing once again to his right, is again wearing white Alexander McQueen. The pleated detailing on the coat is very reminiscent of the bustle on her wedding dress, don’t you think? No doubt she picked this outfit out for this occasion with that in mind. It’s a sweet nod to her wedding dress.

via Zimbio.com
via The Royal Collection
- Via Zimbio
Kate on Armed Forces Day in McQueen. Via NowMagazine.

6) Irish GuardsArmed Forces Day, June 2011.

Kate wore a new military inspired navy Alexander McQueen dress and jacket from the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. This was the third appearance of Kate in McQueen after her famous wedding dress and the Trooping the Colour appearance. It would appear that Kate has forged a mutually beneficial relationship with the label and must get a discount on the pieces she has chosen. She is a dream unofficial brand ambassador for them, after all.

Kate also accessorized the coat with a lovely gold shamrock brooch which has also been worn by Princess Anne and the late Queen Mother. We love that Kate is getting right in there and keeping these traditions alive.  But we digress. Back this this ensemble.

The first thing we thought when we saw Kate striding out for the visit in this coat was “Kate, brace yourself for some serious Diana comparisons”. It’s inevitable, of course, but this one pretty much asked for it. Diana also wore military inspired outfits when visiting regiments, most notably in this white Catherine Walker skirt suit with gold detailing. Kate’s choice isn’t as overtly costumey, but still we thought it was a rather bold move for Kate! A pop of color in the clutch or shoes would have been a good choice to mix things up a bit…

7) Epsom Derby, June 2011
This was a beautiful, summery look for Kate at the Epsom Derby. Kate mixed various designers for this look; the jacket is by Joseph and the dress is a floaty, cocktail number from Reiss, and her shoes are LK Bennet. The skirt is lovely for this event, but the jacket was certainly necessary for this event. Here’s what the dress looks like by itself:
On close inspection of this ensemble, we’re not TOTALLY convinced that the jacket really goes with the dress (the jacket color seems a touch too creamy) but, overall, we still love it. Such a classy look. And was nice to see Kate’s hair up for a change!
See you tomorrow!

Was Kate readying her Princess Wardrobe?

We have admired Kate Middleton’s style for years, and she has a lovely wardobe indeed. Something we have been wondering about for a few years is…..did she ready her Princess Wardrobe in anticipation of when she would need an array of frocks for official events? We think so. And why not? We would have done the same thing!

Bear in mind that back in 2007 before Kate and William broke up, she reportedly told colleagues at Jigsaw that an engagement was imminent. And Kate seems to be a planner. And when she left Jigsaw in 2008 it was, according to Jigsaw Owner Belle Robinson, because Kate needed ‘some time to herself’. Before her life would change drastically perhaps? And why not?

To make our case, let’s review her outfits at official appearances in between the November engagement announcement and The Wedding in April….

Kate wears a Reiss dress purchased in 2008. Photo by Mario Testino. 1. Official Engagement Portrait, released in December 2010. 

Kate wore this white Reiss dress from the 2008 collection (later reissued in January 2011 due to huge demand). Did she see this back in 2008 and think, “this will really come in handy one day”? This is the same dress worn again in Ottawa on Canada Day in July 2011 so it really did. When we first saw these official photos we initially thought the dress was Valentino. How refreshing for Kate to wear Reiss in this momentous photo. It hits just the right note. 

Here is Kate on Canada Day in Ottawa wearing the dress again. Full marks to Kate for wearing the Canadian colors and a full on specially made maple leaf hat. Truly. She really made an effort here. But, man, there is just too much going on. The hat, the necklace, the ruffle, the expose zipper, the clutch, the red pumps (which you can’t see here, but trust us, they were very Princess Diana on a Royal Tour of Japan circa 1986)…just too much. Without the necklace and with a simple clutch and less matchy matchy shoes we think this outfit would have been more of a knockout. But again, kudos to Kate for effort and for bringing out a ‘pre-princess dress.’
via The Daily Mail
First Official Royal Engagement. Via The Telegraph.

2. First Official Royal Engagement in Anglesey, February 2011.

Kate was first seen in this Katherine Hooker coat (at a longer length) at Cheltenham in 2006 (see below). We love this coat! An oldie and a goodie! Great that she could get more wear out of it by shortening it, especially since these coats are rather pricey.

Kate at Cheltenham, 2006. Via The Daily Mail.



Kate in a red Luisa Spagnoli suit in Feb 2011. Via Harpers Bazaar.

3. St. Andrews University, February 2011.

Kate wore this red Luisa Spagnoli suit to her second official engagement. It is believed to have been newly purchased in Knightsbridge for the occassion. (Please let us know in the comments if we are mistaken!) Kate wore red in honour of St. Andrews’ colors and wore a black turtleneck for warmth so she wouldn’t have to cover up the cute suit with a jacket (like she did later that day, see below). Very appropriate. She did get a bit of flack for dressing older than her years, but we disagree. What was she supposed to show up in? A trendy leather coat and leggings? Come on.

In 2011. Via Popsugar.

4. Signing New Zealand condolence book, February 2011.

Later that day after visiting St. Andrews, Kate went with Harry and Wiliam to sign the condolence book for the victims of the New Zealand earthquake. Kate was previously seen wearing this coat in 2008 to AFRIKA AFRIKA in London (see bellow). A good, classic wardrobe staple black coat. 

Kate in the same coat in 2008. Via Elle.co.uk.

Tossing a pancake. As you do.









 5. Belfast, March 2011.

New Burberry coat. Love it. The ruffle makes it more fun and relaxed than the traditional trench and it looks like she has accessorized with a lovely scarf, just barely visible by the collar. We love a good scarf!This is a great way to incorporate British style and we’ll surely see this coat a lot in the future. Wish we could see what dress or skirt/top ensemble she had underneath.






Via Zimbio

6. Darwen Aldridge Community AcademyApril 2011.

Kate wore this Amanda Wakeley suit from the 2007 collection (as reported on the WhatKateWore.com site) for the opening of the Darwen Academy (and last official appearance before The Wedding). Very elegant and princess perfect. But let’s think a moment…in 2007 Kate was 25 and working for Jigsaw…if not for possible future Royal events, how many occasions would she have had for this ensemble? Maybe for some sort of private occasion at Highgrove House?

Kate also wore this suit in the official portrait for her and William’s official tour to Canada and California (below).

Canada 2011 Royal Tour Official Portrait

So, there you have it. Out of six official appearances, Kate was seen in four outfits that were purchased prior to the engagement. And yes, some of them (the black coat) were wardrobe staples that many ladies would have in their closets. But a few were purchased long before the engagement and we have to wonder, was she carefully stockpiling her wardobe over the years with a selection of appropriate outfits for When The Time Came? Again, we would have done the same thing!

In anticipation of the next official Kate appearance coming up on September 29th at the Royal Marsden Hospital, we’ll look at some of Kate’s outfits since The Wedding, tomorrow. And on Wednesday, we’ll post our predictions!

See you then!

UPDATED: Kate Attends Third Wedding as HRH

Ikon Via The Daily Mail

Happy Sunday! By now you probably would have seen the news that there was a Kate Wedding Appearance yesterday. Both she and Pippa attended the wedding of Harriet Colthurst and Thomas Sutton. Prince William was there as well in his capacity as a member of the groom’s party. Ahhh…we do love to see a new Kate wedding outfit…

It looks like here she is wearing a head-to-toe-new-outfit: new shoes, new hat, new dress. We can’t quite make out the clutch enough to see if it’s an old standby or new.

All right, let’s work our way through this ensemble. Let’s start with the shoes. If you look closely, the underside of the pump she is wearing shows the Prada logo in gold so there’s that mystery solved.

Ikon Via The Daily Mail

Onto the hat. Straight away we wondered if the hat could be a modified version of the ‘Maple Leaf Hat’ Kate wore on Canada Day during her and William’s tour of the country.

Here’s a look at that very patriotic topper:

Drat. Clearly not the same one. Back to the drawing board for us! We don’t recognize seeing Kate wear this publicly before, so it very well could be a new one.

Here’s Kate in red for another wedding (that of friends David Jardine-Paterson and Emilia D’Erlanger) on April 17, 2010. We think this red fascinator may have gone a little better with the lace dress, or do you think it’s slightly too orange? Quite a collection of red head pieces Kate has already!

 And onto the dress! We think that if you can answer the question “Would Grace Kelly wear this?” and the answer is ‘Yes’ you can safely say that the ensemble in question will still look stylish in the decades to come. In our opinion, this dress makes the grade. We love the scalloped edge of the lace, sweet waist, and how you can see the undress underneath at the back.

So far, the dress designer has not been confirmed and the Palace has made a point of not announcing what the Duchess chooses to wear for private events (as well as public events, apart from the Royal Tour). The Daily Mail first reported that it is Erdem, but the excellent  sleuths at WhatKateWore.com have now confirmed that this is Collette Dinnigan.  After all, the Daily MAil reported that Kate’s shoes were LK Bennet and clearly they aren’t. How quickly do you think it will take for the dress and shoes to sell out?

Kate’s choice of lace is certainly a trend of late, and one that started in her pre engagement days with that gorgeous cream lace dress she wore to a book launch in April 2007. Then of course there was The Wedding Dress which featured gorgeous lace.

Here she is in in the navy lace Erdem dress she chose to wear when she and William arrived in Ottawa, the capital of Canada at the very start of their North American tour. Very  lady like and pretty, and especially appropriate since Erdem is a Canadian designer. We talk more about this dress here.

Kate wore this second blue lace Erdem dress in Quebec. Because of the color and the lace, it is quite similar to the first one. She has opted for the same LK Bennet sledge pumps and color of clutch as well. Clearly when Kate sees something she likes, she sticks with it:

But back to the wedding. As we mentioned, Kate’s sister Pippa also attended the wedding  and the Daily Mail is claiming that she wore McQueen. UPDATE – there are reports that Pippa’s dress is actually ProjectD.

While we’re on the topic, let’s take a quick look at the first two weddings Kate attended as HRH.

First, Kate attended the wedding of Sam Waley-Cohen and Bella Balin in June hours after her first Trooping the Colour event. (see below)

Via The Daily Mail

Kate wore the same hat she wore to the Trooping the Colour event that morning, along with a ZARA dress she was seen in as far back as 2006. She added a skinny black belt to the dress for this outing.

This wedding was also another Pippa sighting. We do enjoy Pippa, but oh dear – this ill fitting jacket was a miss. However, let’s move on, shall we…..

At the Wedding of Zara Philips and Mike Tindall, July 2011

Kate’s second wedding appearance as HRH was at the wedding of Zara Philips and Mike Tindall. We will discuss this appearance further in a post later this week.

In anticipation of Kate’s next official royal engagement we have a line up of posts focusing on Kate’s fashion choices since the engagement was announced in November.

Join us tomorrow to review her choices for official events as a royal fiance, and we will discuss the questions, ‘Had Kate been readying her Princess Wardrobe?” See you then!