Thoughts on Prince George's Christening Day

It was so much fun to wake up to more great coverage of Prince George’s christening than expected. There had been talk that nothing would be released until tomorrow, after all. So let’s begin!

The Footage

We’ll start with the Royals arriving, captured on video!  Check it out here:


Even if you didn’t watch it, no worries! Because I did watch it. Many times. All so that we could have some detailed analysis, because that’s how we roll around here.

First of all, all the bowing and whatnot is so fascinating, right? This video doesn’t show how Camilla first greets the Queen with a curtsey and then she moves over to Prince Philip. She gives him a more informal greeting and no curtsey (maybe she forgot?) and  a casual “how are you?” and clap on the shoulder. Goes to show how far Camilla has come in the last ten years!

Camilla greeting the Queen (via Daily Mail)
Camilla greeting the Queen (via Daily Mail)

Meanwhile Harry ducks over to greet Granny with two kisses and a deep head bow, followed by Kate who greets the Queen with a tentative smile, kiss and a curtsey. William, who is carrying Prince George, gives the Queen a quick head bow and then we hear him having a few words with the Queen and the clergy.

“He’s just got quiet. He’s all ready…so far so good.” That sort of thing.

William, George, and Kate (via
William, George, and Kate (via

Then Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby says “I have five children myself” and no one seems to really hear him, which is sad. Then another member of the clergy greets Kate with a “Your Royal Highness.” Kate responds with a “Good morning.”

Oh dear.

The service was scheduled for three pm, so Kate clearly still gets a but tongue tied around the Queen and video cameras. Can’t really blame her but the haters will have a field day. Shortly afterwards, Kate notices the Duke of Edinburgh and heads over for a curtsey. It’s quite sweet, actually. Everyone seems more warm around Prince Philip today! They then walk in with Prince Philip keeping up the rear and that’s the end of the video coverage.

The Invite List

While there was speculation that two of Kate’s midwives were invited, we didn’t see any evidence of that today. However, we do know that apart from the godparents the attendees were:

  • Kate, William, and George
  • The Queen and Prince Philip
  • Charles and Camilla
  • Harry
  • Mike and Carole Middleton
  • Pippa and James
The Queen arrives in regal blue with Philip (via Daily Mail)
The Queen arrives in regal blue with Philip (via Daily Mail)
Carole, the Queen, and Zara all chose blue
Carole, the Queen, and Zara all chose blue (via Daily Mail)
James, Earl Grosvenor, Pippa, and Carole (via Daily Mail)
James, Earl Grosvenor, Pippa, and Carole (via Daily Mail)

The fact that they wanted to keep it so small to the exclusion of Sophie and Edward, Andrew, and Anne seems a bit short sighted to me.  I mean, why not bring the family together for a happy event? Maybe they just didn’t want to then have to invite wayward Uncle Gary? Or Earl Spencer?

The Godparents

The rest of the gathering was made up of the chosen godparents and their spouses. Courtesy of the press release on William and Kate’s official website, the godparents are:

  • Mr Oliver Baker (Oliver Baker attended the University of St Andrews with The Duke and Duchess)
  • Mrs David Jardine-Paterson (Emilia Jardine-Paterson attended Marlborough College with The Duchess)
  • Earl Grosvenor (Hugh) (Earl Grosvenor is the son of The Duke of Westminster)
  • Mr Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton (Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton served as Private Secretary to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry from 2005-2012 and continues to serve part-time as Principal Private Secretary and Equerry)
  • The Hon Mrs Michael Samuel (Julia Samuel was a close friend of The Princess of Wales)
  • Mrs Michael Tindall (Zara Tindall is The Duke of Cambridge’s cousin)
  • Mr William van Cutsem (William van Cutsem is a childhood friend of The Duke of Cambridge)
Emilia, via Daily Mail
Emilia, via Daily Mail
William and Ollie Baker in 2007 (shortly before the William-Kate Break Up!)
William and Ollie Baker in 2007 (shortly before the William-Kate Break Up!)

I think it’s just perfect that Kate and William have their two good friends Emilia and Oliver there on the top of the list.  Ollie lived with Kate and William for a couple of years at St. Andews and apparently Emilia introduced Kate get into William’s circle before Kate decided to go to St. Andrews (more on that here). Both are also very discrete and protective so they definitely deserve a place.  Nice for Kate to have a pal on there, too (there’s so much ink spilled on her not having many friends, so this will help show ’em). Oh, and Emilia is married to the brother of Pippa’s ex boyfriend JJ Jardine-Paterson, so there’s that. No wonder Pippa wanted to show up looking GOOD!

The young Earl (left) celebrated his 21st birthday with great fanfare
The young Earl (left) celebrated his 21st birthday with great fanfare (via Chester Chronicles)

The young Earl of Grosvenor is another nice choice, he’s the closest in age to Prince George and will be a good ally. The Grosvenors own much more of London than the Queen, and no doubt he’ll be able to be a big help to George when it comes to estate planning and what not.

Kate and Jamie at a Polo Match c. 2006 (via Zimbio)
Kate and Jamie at a Polo Match c. 2006 (via Zimbio)

I have to say I was also a bit relieved to see Jamie Lowther- Pinkerton on the list. I’d wondered if perhaps there had been a slight rift, what with him leaving full-time service lately. More info on Jamie can be read in our post on William and Kate’s staff here.

The final three godparents also make a lot of sense.

Zara and Kate at Cheltenham just before the big break up
Zara and Kate at Cheltenham just before the big break up

And here’s Zara today, looking great in Navy. Why not have a cousin and Olympic champion on the roster? Also, her kid and Prince George will be very close in age.

Zara at Prince George's christening (via Daily Mail)
Zara at Prince George’s christening (via Daily Mail)

Julia Samuel was another thoughtful choice. She was a good friend of Princess Diana and is the founder of Child Bereavement, a charity that William is involved with.

Prince William with Julia (via Hello!)
Prince William with Julia (via Hello!)

Wlliam Van Cutsem is the final member of the godparents club. His family has long been close with the Wales’ and his inclusion had been speculated about.

I think it makes sense that Harry and Pippa weren’t included on the list. After all, they will already be closely involved in George’s upbringing.

The Service 

Pippa and Harry were honoured in that they were both asked to be readers at the service. A nice touch! Maybe James will get his turn next time round. It was also revealed that one of the hymns that was sung had been written for Prince William’s christening.

More details can be seen on the official press release here.

The Christening Gown

It’s no surprise to us that the gown itself has been a source of intrigue since our post on the British royal family’s Christening gowns has been one of our most popular posts ever since it was first published (it’s gotten well over 30,000 hits to date!).

From 1841 to 2004, members of the royal family have been christened in a gown that was commissioned by Queen Victoria for her eldest daughter’s christening. Here’s a photo of the future Queen Elizabeth II in the original gown on her christening day on May 29, 1926:


The Royal.Gov.UK website gives these details of the gown:

The Royal christening robe, of fine Honiton lace lined with white satin, was made in 1841 for the christening of Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal.
In 1894 the robe was given by Queen Victoria to the Duchess of York (later Queen Mary), all of whose children were christened in it. 
In the next generation it was worn by the children of King George VI, of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, and of Prince George, Duke of Kent. 
The children of The Queen and of Princess Margaret were christened in it, and it has subsequently been used for the christenings of all The Queens grandchildren and other Royal babies, including the grand children of Princess Margaret.

Here’s Lady Louise in the gown – little did she know she’d be the last one to wear it!

Via Days of Majesty
Via Days of Majesty

After Lady Louise’s 2004 christening, the gown was retired in order to preserve it and a replacement was comissioned by the Queen. Lady Louise’s brother James Viscount Severn wore the new gown for his 2006 christening. A press release for the occasion states:

The Christening Gown worn by Viscount Severn is a hand-made replica of Queen Victoria’s daughter’s Christening Gown, which was worn at subsequent Royal Christenings and has now been preserved. It is the first time this gown has been worn by a member of the Royal Family and was commissioned by The Queen.

Since then it’s believed that both of Peter Philips’ children have worn this new gown. That makes Prince George the 4th of the Queen’s grandchildren or great-grandchildren to wear it.

Kate’s Outfit

The other outfit that looked smashing today was Kate’s. She chooses McQueen for big events, and today’s outfit was no exception. The colour and ruffle details echoed the christening gown.

Kate with Prince George after the ceremony (via Daily Mail)
Kate with Prince George after the ceremony (via Daily Mail)

I also immediately thought of the white Reiss dress that Kate wore in her engagement photographs and in Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations. She does like a good ruffle, doesn’t she?

Kate & William's engagement portrait by Mario Testino
Kate & William’s engagement portrait by Mario Testino

I also liked how Camilla and Pippa showed up in creamy whites – they just looked so fresh and calm. Zara, the Queen, and Carole also all looked great in blue.

Spencer Christenings

Before we end, I thought this would be as good a time as any to take a moment to look over at Princess Diana’s own christening. This photo shows the Hon. Diana Spencer with her parents on her christening day in 1961. Her father was not yet the Earl at this point.

Via Pinerest
Via Pinerest

(and psssst…SO MANY rarely seen photos of a young Diana can be seen here. I was blown away by how many I hadn’t seen)

And finally, A rarely seen photo from Diana’s older sister Sarah’s  1955 christening can be seen here.  As you can see in the picture, the Queen Mother attended – it’s worth click, I promise.

More Christening Fun

If you haven’t had enough yet, reading some of our past posts on royal christenings might tickle your fancy!

Swedish Royal Family Christening Traditions they have a few, and some of these pics are pretty darn cute

Princess Estelle of Sweden’s Christening, when the little Princess wore a wee Order of the Seraphim sash

The Royal Family of Denmark’s Christening Gowns (the oldest one has been in use since 1870!)

Princess Athena of Denmark’s Christening, when one of the chosen godmothers raised some eyebrows

So, thoughts? Please share!

Prince George of Cambridge & His Upcoming Christening

First things first. We have a  name! Or three, in fact.


Earlier today Clarence House announced:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son George Alexander Louis. The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. 

Our name predictions for a baby boy was posted exactly a month ago (on June 24) and we did pretty well! Check that here if you like. Let’s run it down.

First Name: George

King George with Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and his Queen consort Elizabeth
King George with Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and his Queen consort Elizabeth

The #1 Prediction for a baby boy was George, so hurray for us. The bookies thought so, too and even at Kate and William’s photo call yesterday one of the reporters flat out asked if the baby’s name would be George. William’s response? “wait and see, wait and see.”

We know that this morning the Queen paid a visit to Kensington Palace to see the new baby, and must have given the name her seal of approval then. Kate and William weren’t required to get it, but it must have been fun to have for them to have a little chat about it this morning. Then, they beetled off to Bucklebury where they must have had a final chat about it with Kate’s family before sharing the news with the world.

Off to Bucklebury
Off to Bucklebury

As we discussed in our baby name post, George currently sits at #12 for boys names in England and Wales. We’ll see if it shoots up to #1 now. And of course, the patron saint of England is St. George, and Queen Elizabeth’s father went by George when he was crowned king. So many Georges!

The Cross of St. George via The Telegraph
The Cross of St. George via The Telegraph

Middle Name #1: Alexander

Ok, this wasn’t on our list of predictions so this one was a swing and a miss. Love it, though. There is a lot of history with this name, particularly when it comes to the ladies. For example, Queen Victoria’s first name was actually ‘Alexandrina’ and the current Queen has ‘Alexandra’ as one of her middle names. Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy (one of the Queen’s cousins)  is also one of Williams’ godparents.

Memorial to Queen Victoria outside of Kensington Palace
Memorial to Queen Victoria outside of Kensington Palace

Plus, it’s got a bit of a modern feel to it for the little chap.

Middle Name #2: Louis

Louis was our #3 prediction since it is one of William’s middle names. William was given the name as a tribute to Louis, Lord Mountbatten who played an important part in Prince Charles’ life. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex also shares this middle name, and he and Sophie named their daughter Louise.

Louis, Lord Mountbatten
Louis, Lord Mountbatten

Louis is is currently tied at #68 with Arthur for most popular baby names in England and Wales.

So there we go! George Alexander Louis is a lovely name and flows very nicely together. As far as why ‘William’ isn’t in there, I guess they just wanted to give the baby his own identity.

Thoughts on The Christening

Now that we have a christening to look forward to for the little Prince of Cambridge, let’s chat about what we can expect.


There’s been some speculation in the (mostly American) press that it will be held in Westminster Abbey. There is NO WAY in heck is that happening.

The Music Room at Buckingham Palace
The Music Room at Buckingham Palace

As with most things royal, I think we should look to tradition for the answer and here’s a fun fact for you: so far, four royal babies have been christened in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace. Four! And all of these christenings have been relatively recent: Prince Charles was the fist, followed by Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince William. They were all also christened there by the Archbishop of Canterbury, so I believe the Music Room it will be for Prince George.

As a runner up option, Prince Harry was christened at St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle which would be quite appropriate for little George, too. We’ll see what they choose!

William taking the spotlight at Harry's Christening
William taking the spotlight at Harry’s Christening

It won’t be televised, but at the very least I think we can expect three or four official photographs to be released, along with a list of the chosen godparents.

So When Will it Be?

As far as when it will happen, it seems that most royal babies are christened at some point between four week and four months old. Prince William was christened on August 4th after his June 21st birthday, Charles on December 15th after being born on November 14, and more recently James Vicount Severn was christened on April 19 after his December 17 birthday. It’s all over the place!

We are talking about the third in line to the throne and future ‘Defender of the Faith, so I think a late September  to early October christening is likely as not to interrupt the Queen’s holiday in Balmoral too much.

I mean, we need more photos of her having a lovely time at the Braemar games, which happens at the beginning of September each year.

What a hoot
What a hoot!

The Christening Gown

Most important in my books is the christening gown. We’ve already hashed out lots of details of this tradition in our post.  British Royal Family Christening Gowns. It was published back in October of 2011 and it’s actually one of our most read posts ever, so let me just boil it down quickly for you.

Basically, since 1841(!), royal babies wore a gown first worn by Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Victoria. The last royal baby to wear it was Lady Louise Windsor. Here’s Prince Charles in the gown:

The Royal Collection

The Royal Collection

Then, when Lady Louise’s brother James, Viscount Severn was born, a new gown was introduced. As a press release stated at the time:

“The Christening Gown worn by Viscount Severn is a hand-made replica of Queen Victoria’s daughter’s Christening Gown, which was worn at subsequent Royal Christenings and has now been preserved. It is the first time this gown has been worn by a member of the Royal Family and was commissioned by The Queen.”

It  certainly is very frothy and lacy:


God Parents

Also very important of course, is who William and Kate will choose to be godparents.  I’d not be surprised to see some of their close friends in the ranks, along with some family.

William’s six godparents included cousins such as the former King Constantine of Greece, Princess Alexandra, and Lord Romsey. There was a bit of a hullaballoo in the press at that time that none of Charles’ siblings were included in the group. Who knows if that is true, but for what it’s worth Prince Harry has six godparents as well and the Duke of York is one of them. Bottom line: siblings could be chosen!

Over in Europe, the royals have each other as godparents but I don’t really see that happening here since they don’t have the same close relationships. As fun as it would be to find out Princess Victoria of Sweden was in the ranks, I don’t think it’ll happen

So, here are my predictions. I’ve got five possibilities for each:


  • Prince Harry! He’s going to be such a fun uncle.


  • Thomas van Straubenzee:  William was a groomsman at his wedding to Lady Melissa Percy earlier this summer and they go waaay back.
William & Thomas back in the day
William & Thomas back in the day when William had lots of hair
  • Hugh van Cutsem– Hugh’s daughter Grace was a flower girl at the wedding (the one who covered her ears on the balcony). Here he is with his wife:


  • Peter Philips – William’s first cousin, son of Princess Anne
Peter Philips with Isla and Savannah
Peter Philips with Isla and Savannah; Kate with Savannah and Lupo


  • Pippa Middleton: so that there will be some Middleton representation in the ranks. My guess for the heir is Pippa, and the spare will have James Middleton as a godfather if he doesn’t do anything too embarrassing before then.
  • Zara Philips, William’s first cousin who’s expecting a baby in the new year
Zara receiving her silver Olympic medal from Princess Anne
Zara receiving her silver Olympic medal from Princess Anne
  • A Spencer Lady: So these are the last three guesses. Diana’s sisters Lady Sarah McCquorcodale or Lady Jane Fellowes would be a nice way to include Diana’s side. William, Kate, and Harry all showed up for Emily McCorquodale’s Jun 2012 wedding, so I think she could be another contender . Our post on that wedding always is inexplicably one of our top posts EVER and can be found here if you’d like to see.
That's Lady Sarah in the background
That’s Lady Sarah in the background

Any other ideas?

Christening Cake

No doubt little Prince George will have a christening cake or two. Evidentially there were several ‘christening cakes’ at Prince Charles’ christening in 1948. Some decorations put on the Charles’ cakes were kept and included in an exhibit marking the Prince of Wales’ 60th birthday put on by the Royal Collection.

For example, these silk flowers adorned a cake at his christening and his great-grandmother Queen Mary tucked them away with this hand-written note:


This silver carousel was a topper for a christening cake as well. The Royals Collection’s website explains:


“The silver carousel was made for one of Prince Charles’s Christening cakes by Lieut-Col. Bell and wounded ex-servicemen, and was engraved and polished by Peter Milton. It is engraved with the arms of his mother on one side, and of his father on the other. The baby in a cradle is rocked by a lion and a unicorn, supporters in the royal coat of arms.”

Perhaps they’ll bring out it for Baby Cambridge.

Christening Cup

Queen Mary gave Prince Charles this christening cup, which has a very far reaching history:

The Royal Collection
The Royal Collection

This silver-gilt Christening cup was given by Queen Mary to Prince Charles, her godson and great-grandson, on his christening in 1948. It was made by the English silversmith Thomas Heming and was originally a christening gift from King George III to The Hon. Augustus Legge, son of the 2nd Earl of Dartmouth, who was christened in May 1773.

Another tradition to include! Time to pass it on, Charles.

Side Note: Baby Prince Charles also received this little fork, knife, and spoon in a leather carrying case.

The Royal Collection. The Collection of the Prince of Wales
The Royal Collection. The Collection of the Prince of Wales

But could anything be as cute as Princess Estelle of Sweden? It’s debatable. that little sash is tough to beat!

Princess Estelle of Sweden,
Princess Estelle of Sweden,

In case you haven’t had enough yet, here are our other posts on royal christening gowns and ceremonies. Have at ’em if you wish:

Royal Family of Denmark Christening Gowns

Princess Athena of Denmark’s Christening

Royal Family of Sweden Christening Gowns & Traditions

Princess Estelle of Sweden’s Christening 


Kate and William’s Future Kensington Palace Apartment

As we discussed in Part Two of A Tale of Two Cottages: The Homes of William and Kate, the couple currently lives in Nottingham Cottage, or ‘Nott Cott’ on the palace grounds. When it was originally announced that William and Kate would be moving there it was said that they only planned to live there for a couple of years until something larger could be found and prepared.

Well, we now have more details on their next, more permanent London base. An apartment is being renovated at Kensington Palace to accommodate them and their ‘household’ – that is their office and staff. A spokesman for St. James’ Palace said, ‘It is expected that the apartment will not be ready for occupation until at least the middle of 2013.” The exact apartment that the couple will be moving into is apartment 1A, the old home of Princess Margaret. Here is an excellent picture from the Daily Mail:

Via The Daily Mail

This is tremendously exciting for us, since we have been in this apartment! As we reported in our post, ‘Hauntings at Kensington Palace‘, one of us royal posters went on the Halloween haunted tour at Kensington Palace. The tour began and ended in Lord Snowdon’s study (the husband of Prince Margaret). We were met on the private road next to the Palace by the tour guides, since the park was closed at that time if night (the tour started at 6:45pm). Because of this, we entered the palace by a side door, not the regular public entry way for tours.

The side door we entered by passed a small, private garden into what was once a reception room in Princess Margaret’s apartment. This reception room is off Margaret’s famous rose garden in the courtyard, and has wall-to-ceiling windows looking into the garden. We believe this was Princess Margaret’s ‘garden room’. It was dark when we were rushed through this room, but it would have lovely natural light during the day time. It also has a gorgeous fireplace and mantle. The lights were off when we went through this room, but the palace staff had placed several battery powered tea light candles into the fireplace which was a nice touch. At the end of the tour we exited from the same reception room to the outside and I tried to walk as slowly as I could on the way out to see as much as possible in the dark.

Garden off 1A

Anyway, after coming in through this dark reception room we entered Lord Snowdon’s study, which is where the 20 people on the sold-out tour could put there coats and bags for the next hour or so. The study had  creaky hardwood floors and crown moldings. A window looked out into front of the palace. Next we entered what looks to be a grand foyer, with a bathroom off of it. This foyer connects to the upstairs (we were on the ground floor) and we suspect, also to one or two other rooms on the main floor. It is also where a ghost has been seen several times by palace staff, as we reported in our previous post.

Ground Floor Foyer at 1A
Another view of the foyer

At the end of the tour to get back to the study we walked through hallways in this apartment that were in the midst of being refurbished, with new carpeting (dark red) and floor protecters and boards everywhere. It also had the smell of fresh paint. We were advised to watch our step. Interestingly, this refurbishment was not for William and Kate but rather for the offices and use of the Historic Royal Palaces staff, who have had the use of the space in the year’s since Princess Margaret’s death in 2002. The Daily Mail reports that Historic Royal Palaces uses the apartment ‘for offices, classrooms, storage and exhibitions.’

Princess Margaret in her Drawing Room. Via The Daily Mail.

In order for William and Kate to move in, Historic Royal Palaces had to hand this space back to the Royal Household, who have spent a lot of funds getting the space refurbished to be used for their purposes. It is reported that the Queen and Prince Charles have been involved so that this transfer could take place, and Historic Royal Palaces will be reimbursed for the costs of the refurbishment that they will not get to use. Too bad they didn’t have the foresight before this all went down!

The Daily Mail reports that an exhibition has been planned for the apartment in 2012 which will still take place. (We don’t yet know what this exhibition is but if it’s open to the public we’l be attending and will do a full report here at The Royal Post!).

Updated October 2012: Both Royal Posters were able to check out the 2012 exhibits: One was Diana: Glimpses of a Modern Princess and the other was Victoria Revealed. Both were a lot of fun.

After the exhibition, the apartment will handed over to William and Kate in September 2012 to be renovated. The offices of Historic Royal Palaces will be relocated a new area within the Palace.The offices of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will also be located at Kensington Palace and moved from their current location at St.James’ Palace.


Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon’s Kitchen. Via Historic Royal Palaces
Princess Margaret’s Drawing Rooms

Updated July 24, 2013: William and Kate’s announcement that they had named Baby Cambridge George Alexander Louis was issued from Kensington Palace instead of St. James’ Palace. This is a first!

Here are a few more pictures of the apartment. Once William and Kate take over, it’s unlikely that photos of the interior will be made public, so we might as well enjoy these!

Updated October 3, 2013: 

Well, Us Weekly is reporting that Kate & William’s apartment features:

  • 3 main bedrooms
  • A master bedroom with his and her’s bathrooms
  • A day nursery and night nursery, which will eventually be converted to a playroom
  • 5 reception rooms

British Royal Family Christening Gowns

Today we discuss a different type of gown – Christening gowns.

Since 1841 most members of the Royal family have has worn the same ancient christening gown made for Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Victoria. The gown is believed to have been made from the same silk and Honiton lace as Queen Victoria’s wedding gown.

The gown been carefully preserved over the years. Here’s a glimpse of the gown some of the members of the Royal Family that has worn it:

Princess Elizabeth of York, 1926

Prince Charles, 1948

Princess Anne, 1950

Here is some old news footage of the event:


Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones, 1964

Peter Philips, December 1977

It’s a bit of a mystery, but in the footage for Zara’s christening, Princess Anne mentions that Peter didn’t wear the gown. If anyone knows more about why that would be, please let us know in the comments! The Queen sure looks sweet here regardless:

Zara Philips, 1981

Here is the footage of the photocall after Zara’s christening. It’s a great peak into the Royal Family. At 2:30, you will hear Princess Anne talking about the christening gown. She says that Zara is wearing the same gown that she and the Queen both wore. She says Peter didn’t wear it because “he’s a boy.”  It’s worth a look:


Prince William of Wales, 1982

A nice picture of Baby Wales in the traditional gown. He wailed for much of the photos, and Princess Diana later told Andrew Morton that she hadn’t been consulted on what part of the day would be a good time for the christening in terms of William’s schedule. Turned out it was the worst time! Interestingly, Prince William was christened on the Queen Mother’s birthday (August 4th):

Check out some footage of a wailing William at the photo call after his christening here:


Prince Harry of Wales, 1984

Absolutely the best royal christening photo ever!

And here’s some footage of the photo call for Prince Harry. In it, Prince Charles talks about all the other royals who have worn the gown. They all appreciate the history, it seems. Funny how he says, “it must get so incredibly hot inside there.” And then the Queen teaches Zara and Peter about the meaning of the word ‘dash’ and that they can use it when they are cross. LOVE it:


Princess Beatrice of York, 1988

Princess Eugenie of York, 1990

Eugenie’s Christening took place on December 23rd, at Sandringham, Norfolk, where the Royal Family spends Christmas. Is the a young Peter Phillips we spy, sticking a straw of sorts in Fergie’s face? Oh dear.

Lady Louise, 2004

Lady Louise, above, was the last royal baby to be christened in the original gown. At the christening of Prince Edward and Sophie’s son James, Viscount Severn, a replica of the gown was first used.

James, Viscount Severn, 2008

Savannah Philips, 2011

The most recent royal baby to use this gown was Savannah Phillips, daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips, and granddaughter of Princess Anne. The gown is shown in it’s full glory, below.

So, the big question is, who will be the next royal baby to wear the gown?

Updated July 2013: We may have an answer to that question! Peter and Autumn Philips’ second daughter, Isla Elizabeth was christened in the same church as her older sister. The christening took place on July 1, 2012. However, we didn’t get a photo of Isla wearing THE gown, just a quick snap of her in this blue one:


Perhaps she wore the gown inside the church, and they changed her out of it in order to keep it preserved? Here’s to hoping. I mean, that blue dress is cute and all, but come on.

And now Prince George of Cambridge will be next!

Updated Oct 2013: For our post on Prince George’s christening, click here.