A Recap of the 2011 Christmas Day Walk to Church at Sandringham

Hello, Royal Post Readers. We hope you all had a very, very merry Christmas! It sure went by in a flash for us. Over the past month we’ve had a lot of fun reviewing the British Royal Family’s walk to church over the years, so we just had to take a good look at what they wore this year. Overall, it was a good show, don’t you think? Let’s start with the lady with the “Top Job” as Diana called it.

Her Majesty the Queen

Queen Elizabeth must have been concerned about Prince Philip’s condition after his heart operation on Christmas Eve, but still seemed to be keeping her spirits up and quite frankly looked the best we’ve seen her on Christmas Day. We love the muted lavender, the pearls, the collar, the details on the hat, all of it. So elegant and classy. The hat is by Angela Kelly and the coat is by Karl Ludwig.

Her Royal Highness, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge

Not surprisingly, it seems that Kate was the one that everyone really turned out to see;  this year there were thousands of well wishers whereas last year just hundreds showed up. Fortunately for us, there were also TWO Kate sightings today. The first was around 9:30  (pictured above) when Kate was joined by Beatrice, Eugenie, and others on a walk to what seems to have been an early morning church service. The second sighting was for the 11:30 service. We hadn’t realized there were two Christmas day services; is that right?? Seems like a lot for one morning…please fill us in if you know more.

For the second outing, the ladies changed jackets and got out their hats.

Kate wore a Jane Corbett hat (the same milliner that she supported for the Remembrance Day service) and a colour coordinate jacket by an unidentified British designer. The tailoring of the jacket is beautiful and the colour is spot on for Kate. A spokesperson confirmed the hat designer, so it’s curious why the jacket designer was not. We hope for the sake of the designer that their name becomes public knowledge eventually. We’re sure they’d appreciate it!

Here’s a closer look at Kate’s earrings. We haven’t seen them before; perhaps they were a Christmas gift from her family or William. She certainly seems to like drop earrings with little hoops. UPDATED: We suspected that they are a pair from Kiki McDonough and it seems that hunch was correct. Kudos to our friends over on the My Small Obsession Facebook page for figuring it out!

Here’s a look of Kate’s whole ensemble. Looks like she probably had a black dress on underneath:

Ok, before we move onto Zara we have a purely frivolous question to put out there: how did Kate manage to achieve this hair while at Sandringham? There’s NO WAY that hairdresser James Pryce joined her on this trip, so we’re thinking that one of two things happened here:

A) Kate had James do her hair yesterday while in London. That is assuming she only arrived on the 24th and not on the 23rd like some of the other royals. She then would have just had to keep the bounce overnight and the half up style helps to make it look more ‘fresh.’

B) she has learned how to do those curls herself and woke up bright and early to get to work at it.

We’re thinking option A is most likely. What do you think?

Zara Philips

We’ve seen lots of great hats from Zara in recent years (click here and here for a refresher) and love that she turned out in another fashion forward creation this year. We expect nothing less!

She was also clearly making a statement to the public by walking arm in arm with new husband Mike Tindall (see the picture above and to the left). Royal watchers know that he was kicked off the England rugby team after the shennanigans he got up to in New Zealand during the World Cup. Duly noted, Zara.

Her Royal Highness, Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Sophie looked cute this year with her blue ensemble, pillbox hat, and what looks like a pair of sapphire earrings. And nicely done with the upturned collar, Sophie! If you missed our review of Sophie at Sandringham over the years, click here and here to take a peak. This year is definitely one of the stronger outfits.

Updated: Lady Louise Wessex

How cute is she in her little hat, coat, and white tights?

Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York

Princess Beatrice played it safe and turned out in a classic black ensemble this year. Love the hat. Apparently she and Eugenie were both at Holly Branson’s wedding on Necker Island in the last week. Looks like she kept out of the sun during that trip!

Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie wore a gray jacket with a burgundy hat (not all that different from Kate) and matching pumps, clutch, and leather gloves. She has worn this shade before; check out our retrospective here. Overall, she looks pretty darn good. Nothing too crazy or out of whack here.

Autumn Philips

Here’s a peak at Autumn Philips, who wore a fur hat and a maternity coat (Baby Number Two is on the way). This is the most dressed up she’s been for the walk to church in her three Sandringham Christmases. Looks like she’s finally getting up to speed in that department.

After the church service, Prince Philip’s grandchildren went to visit him in hospital. This is a photo of William and Zara en route:

Here’s to Prince Philip’s continued recovery and happy Boxing Day to all! See you tomorrow.

UPDATED The Walk to Church at Sandringham on Christmas Day ~ The York Girls Part Two

Yesterday we had fun looking at Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s Christmas Day outfits from 2002 – 2005. Today, let’s look at the rest of their festive appearances!


Very cute coats on Bea and Eug this year. They look great and blue, and I love Bea’s navy number. The hats seem to get lost though, don’t they? It would be fun to see some fuller, more wintery hats, but overall a good show.


Beatrice’s hat is fantastic. Love the royal blue and velvet texture…and feathers!! But, I keep thinking I would to push it up higher on her head. How is it staying on? And the brown coat is a bit blah. This would look great with last year’s navy stunner!

And…my favourite all time Eugenie Christmas appearance. Love the winter white coat and beret. She looks cozy, and seasonal and very Christmas-Day-Princess-Perfect. Nice black gloves and belt, too.


UPDATED: This is an amazing year for Beatrice and Eugenie – again both in blue, again both lovely. Really enjoying the season appropriate hats! A vast improvement over 2006. They really do have a lot of coats don’t they? There have been no coat repeats on Christmas day to date.




Beatrice looks terrific here – love the hat with this coat. She really does look great in blue. Also – fun fact – this is the same hat in a different colour as the hat that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore in January 2011 to the wedding of friends Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton. I believe it’s by Whiteley.

And check out the pink trilby on Eugenie! Nothing like some hot pink to brighten up a winter day. Very fun and winter appropriate, we think.


Eugenie’s in a lovely royal blue coat with the black version of last year’s pink number (almost). Beatrice’s coat is quite cute, but we think the fascinator seems to be more summer wedding than Christmas Day…you? HM looks lovely in white!

Which year was your favourite appearance?

The Walk to Church at Sandringham on Christmas Day ~ The York Girls Part One

One of our favourite royal events of the year is the annual Christmas Day appearance of the royal family at Sandringham. The family gathers together at this royal retreat and walk to the 11am church service each December 25th. They’ve had their Christmas Eve festivities, where they exchange presents (laid out on trestle tables with name tags on each) and have a formal Christmas dinner. After breakfast on Christmas Day the get on their coats and hats and head out to church….

Here’s a look at Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York (the daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York) over the years…

2002: A very festive showing from the lovely Princess Eugenie…love the red, the enthusiastic hat, and the matching long coat with boots. Very Christmas-Day-Princess-Perfect. Beatrice made a good effort, but something about her coat and hat reminds me of Mary Poppins here…

With Prince Andrew
A better look at Eugenie's coat and hat

2003: Eugenie in Winter White and Beatrice in Christmas Red…and…some serious snakeskin boots?? Not so sure about the boots, but Beatrice seems to always work the ‘fashion forward’ angle, rather than classic style. So, whatever floats your boat. Again, Eugenie looks Christmas-Day-Princess-Perfect. You just can’t go wrong in Winter White in our opinion.

Eugenie (L), Beatrice (R)

2004: Well, we’re not really sure what’s going on with Eugenie here in a blanket-green-plaid number and red velvet skirt. Beatrice has pulled out  an unusually classic look with a grey skirt and jacket suit. The black accessories are nice. Overall, not terribly festive, but it’s a win in our books.

Beatrice in grey, Eugenie in red and green

2005: And The Year of the Magical Purple Hat. As anyone who witnessed the Royal Wedding this year knows, Beatrice loves her crazy hats. This is not a new thing, as evidenced by her choice for Christmas 2005. It is truly something to behold. The height, the colour, the shape, the volume of it…well, it’s very…Dr. Seuss. Or Willy Wonka. She definitely keeps things interesting! We wonder if she has pulled this one out since? Eugenie’s maroon beret and cream coat combo is lovely and festive.

Beatrice (L), Eugenie (R)

Join us tomorrow for the York Girls Christmas Hat Review Part Two!

Wee Royals in Tartan

Happy Monday and a Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Canada! For today, we thought we’d let’s lighten things up a little with a look at Wee Royals in tartan. Tartan is fabulous and so very royal so it’s about time we gave it some more attention. (Check out our post on Balmoral style, which is resplendent in tartan, here)

To start, we love this delightful shot of the Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and a very young Prince Andrew lounging on the front garden of Balmoral.

 Since the shot is black and white, it’s hard to tell exactly what tartan Charles and Anne are sporting but it looks like it could very well be the Royal Balmoral Tartan (see the swatch below). This tartan was designed by Prince Albert back in 1853 for members of the family to wear during their stays at Balmoral. Nowadays, Queen Elizabeth wears this tartan along with other members of the family that have received permission from her to do so (that’s right, the Queen specifies who in her family has the privilege).

Interestingly, the Queen has also granted permission for her personal piper to wear the tartan and he is the only ‘Non Royal’ to have this distinction. The official website of the British Monarchy explains, “The position of Queen’s Piper is one of the highest accolades available to a piper serving in the Armed Forces.The Piper is a member of the Royal Household whose principal duty is to play every weekday at 9.00 am for about fifteen minutes under The Queen’s window when she is in residence at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse or Balmoral Castle.” Hmmm…we must plan on a walk around Buckingham Palace around 9am when the Queen is in residence to hear this for ourselves! The current Queen’s Piper is Pipe Major Derek Potter, shown below wearing Royal Stewart tartan. The Stewart Tartan is the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth and it is said that it is appropriate that all subjects of the Queen wear it.

According to the Tartan Authority, no weaver in the United Kingdom would dream of creating the Balmoral tartan for anyone but members of the Royal Family and the Queen’s Piper.  The ghillies and estate workers wear the Balmoral Tweed – not the tartan.

Onto more Wee Royals in tartan! We love this formal portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip with their four eldest grandchildren – heck, they’re even sitting on a tartan couch (it looks like the Royal Stewart Tartan making another appearance)! They all look so comfortable together, and how could anyone resist little Harry’s impish smile?

From left: Prince William, The Queen, Peter Phillips, Prince Harry, Prince Philip, and Zara Phillips in tartan

We have not been able to identify what tartan William and Harry are in, so please fill us in if you know. We would have guessed that the Phillips kids would be decked out in the Phillips tartan (swatch below) but it definitely doesn’t look like what Zara has on, does it?

The Phillips Tartan

That portrait iss missing two royal grandkids…where are you, Bea and Eug?

Found them! They were dressed alike a lot as youngsters and this outing was no exception:

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

And, just for fun…two Royal Posters, when we were wee, in a version of the Queen’s personal tartan. Yes, we started young:

The Royal Posters in tartan before anyone knew what a blog was

Royal Round Up October 2 – 5

Many Royals have been out and about this week. We’ve rounded up a few key sightings if you’ve missed them:

October 2: Princess Charlene surfaces in Paris at the Akris runway show

Princess Charlene sat in the front row, two seats down from none other than the Queen of Vogue, Anna Wintour. She also spoke to the Daily Telegraph when they requested an impromptu interview. She told them, “I think for anyone living in a new country and adapting to a new lifestyle, it’s a different role…I’m just learning.I was an Olympic swimmer, I lived in a swimsuit, I lived on tour.” She also said she isn’t taking on royal duties full time: “I have just taken a bit of a break. I need time to adjust. I just got married.”

That may be very true, and no doubt it’s an adjustment to go from Prince Albert’s girlfriend to Princess of Monaco, but she has lived in Monaco since 2007 and had a good amount of time to get familiar with it all. So….it can’t be that big of a shock, can it? There does seem to be something else afoot here.

October 3: Princess Eugenie hailed a cab in her socks

We’ve all been there. Apparently it took ages for a cab to stop…

October 4: Princess Beatrice attended an exclusive Tony Bennet Concert

And then headed to Paris!

October 5: Princess Beatrice sat in the front row at Elie Saab in Paris

Not a shabby way to spend a Wednesday. And we love this dress on her – this has got to be one of the best looks Bea has turned out in lately. Apparently there was a bit of a kerffufle with Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand, who also sat in the front row..basically Bea’s bodyguard reportedly told her, “She don’t want to meet no princesses. She’s sitting here, not getting up.” Hmmm…no politeness points there. We hope this is just a rumour. These things can turn into international incidents!

October 5: Prince Philip Hobnobbed with Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow

The night of the fashion, show, Prince Philip attended an evening at The Arts Club in London’s Mayfair. Bear in mind Prince Philip recently celebrated his 90th birthday. What a guy to be out on the town. Can you imagine if the Queen had showed up with him? It would have been quite a different event in that case…this looks like it could be a little more relaxed. Gwyneth even got up and stage and sang her heart out.

What on earth were they talking about, do you think?

October 5: The Duchess of Alba married for the third time

Ok, she’s not technically ‘royal’ but heck the Duchess of Alba is 85 years old and the Guiness Book of World Records has her as the most titled woman on the planet. She is also enourmously wealthy and On October 5th, she married for the third time. Her new husband is 60 year old Alfonzo Diez. As you can imagine, this marriage caused great friction amongst her children who reportedly believed that Alfonzo was something of a gold digger. To prove them wrong, the Duchess divided up her fortune amongst them before the wedding. We hope she’s right!

Here’s a picture of the Duchess at her first wedding:

British Royal Family Christening Gowns

Today we discuss a different type of gown – Christening gowns.

Since 1841 most members of the Royal family have has worn the same ancient christening gown made for Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Victoria. The gown is believed to have been made from the same silk and Honiton lace as Queen Victoria’s wedding gown.

The gown been carefully preserved over the years. Here’s a glimpse of the gown some of the members of the Royal Family that has worn it:

Princess Elizabeth of York, 1926

Prince Charles, 1948

Princess Anne, 1950

Here is some old news footage of the event:


Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones, 1964

Peter Philips, December 1977

It’s a bit of a mystery, but in the footage for Zara’s christening, Princess Anne mentions that Peter didn’t wear the gown. If anyone knows more about why that would be, please let us know in the comments! The Queen sure looks sweet here regardless:

Zara Philips, 1981

Here is the footage of the photocall after Zara’s christening. It’s a great peak into the Royal Family. At 2:30, you will hear Princess Anne talking about the christening gown. She says that Zara is wearing the same gown that she and the Queen both wore. She says Peter didn’t wear it because “he’s a boy.”  It’s worth a look:


Prince William of Wales, 1982

A nice picture of Baby Wales in the traditional gown. He wailed for much of the photos, and Princess Diana later told Andrew Morton that she hadn’t been consulted on what part of the day would be a good time for the christening in terms of William’s schedule. Turned out it was the worst time! Interestingly, Prince William was christened on the Queen Mother’s birthday (August 4th):

Check out some footage of a wailing William at the photo call after his christening here:


Prince Harry of Wales, 1984

Absolutely the best royal christening photo ever!

And here’s some footage of the photo call for Prince Harry. In it, Prince Charles talks about all the other royals who have worn the gown. They all appreciate the history, it seems. Funny how he says, “it must get so incredibly hot inside there.” And then the Queen teaches Zara and Peter about the meaning of the word ‘dash’ and that they can use it when they are cross. LOVE it:


Princess Beatrice of York, 1988

Princess Eugenie of York, 1990

Eugenie’s Christening took place on December 23rd, at Sandringham, Norfolk, where the Royal Family spends Christmas. Is the a young Peter Phillips we spy, sticking a straw of sorts in Fergie’s face? Oh dear.

Lady Louise, 2004

Lady Louise, above, was the last royal baby to be christened in the original gown. At the christening of Prince Edward and Sophie’s son James, Viscount Severn, a replica of the gown was first used.

James, Viscount Severn, 2008

Savannah Philips, 2011

The most recent royal baby to use this gown was Savannah Phillips, daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips, and granddaughter of Princess Anne. The gown is shown in it’s full glory, below.

So, the big question is, who will be the next royal baby to wear the gown?

Updated July 2013: We may have an answer to that question! Peter and Autumn Philips’ second daughter, Isla Elizabeth was christened in the same church as her older sister. The christening took place on July 1, 2012. However, we didn’t get a photo of Isla wearing THE gown, just a quick snap of her in this blue one:


Perhaps she wore the gown inside the church, and they changed her out of it in order to keep it preserved? Here’s to hoping. I mean, that blue dress is cute and all, but come on.

And now Prince George of Cambridge will be next!

Updated Oct 2013: For our post on Prince George’s christening, click here.

UPDATED: Boodles Boxing Ball

Hello All! Happy Monday! Today marks our one month anniversary of the Royal Post! Thanks for coming by!

Let’s take a look at the Boodles Boxing Ball, which took place on Saturday, October 1st at the Park Plaza Hotel in London. In attendance: Pippa, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and a smattering of other royal friends including Chelsy Davy.

The Boodles Boxing Ball is an annual event, which raises money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust (and is sponsored by Boodles, a British jeweller). And yes, there is boxing involved. With just sounds bizarre and painful.

Anyhow, there was no sign of William and Kate, and although we would have loved to have seen them, we think it’s a smart move to be selective about their ‘glamourous’ public appearances while they are not yet full time working royals and still forming a strategy for Kate’s  royal role. While this is certainly a good cause, Kate doesn’t want to be associated just with these sort of evening events; there needs to be a lot of ‘mucking in’ first to balance out the glamourous events and they did attend both the Ark Gala in June and the BAFTA event in Los Angeles in July. Plus, William is hard at work in Wales and it would have likely been too much to come back again for this event so soon after the Royal Marsden Hospital Visit.

William and Kate attended the Boodles Ball in in 2006 and 2008. In 2008, Kate wore a pink Issa gown and in 2006 she chose a blue BCBG gown. We haven’t seen either gown again publicly since. The blue one is looking quite dated in our opinion (though it was cute in it’s day), but we hope to see the pink one again. So flattering:

Kate at the Boodles Boxing Ball in 2008 (left) and 2006 (right) via People MagazineThis year, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were in attendance. Eugenie wore the  black dress she wore to Holly Branson’s engagement party back in April. It looks great on her.

Princess Eugenie, Via The Daily Mail
Princess Beatrice Via The Daily Mail

Not so sure about Beatrice’s print, but look at those shoes! Sparkly Louboutins!

And here we have Pippa:

Pippa Via Just Jared

Pippa showed up with Alex Loudon and brother James Middleton in a down to there red dress, said to be by favourite  designer Temperly. It’s very vavavoom but why not get away with that while you can? As for accessories, we were hoping Pippa might bring out the Robinson Pelham earrings tonight that she wore at Will and Kate’s wedding, but no luck! Hmmm….wonder when we will see those again? Seriously, when you can wear those why the HECK would you wear anything else?

Here’s a pic of the earrings:

And here is James arriving ahead of Pippa:

James Middleton Via Royal Dish

And, finaly we have Chelsy Davy. Even though she’s no longer dating Prince Harry, we wanted to include her since she’s a fun one to watch and well, she and Harry have broken up before, so who knows. She could very well be back in the royal fold again.

Chelsy chose to wear the same Alberta Ferretti couture gown that the she wore to William and Kate’s post-wedding ‘family and friends’ dinner reception at Buckingham Palace.  The designer made this dress especially for Chelsy for the wedding dinner. It’s nice that she could wear it again so soon:

Chelsy Davy. Boodles Boxing Ball Via The Daily Mail

And here it is from behind:

Chelsy Davy at Boodles BoxingBall 2011 Via Entertainment Wise

Here’s a sketch of Ferretti’s design of the dress, which was released by the designer at the time of the Royal wedding:

We love the blue, and thinks she looks GREAT! The blue dress was a big success on the night of the Royal Wedding as well, especially after the green number for the ceremony not turning out so well!

Just for fun, here she is with the York girls on the wedding day, cozy in the middle:

Join us tomorrow for a look at a very special tiara…one of our favourite topics!

The Future of Princess Beatrice ~ Part Two

Princess Beatrice at Ascot, 2011 ~ Picture Via Coolspotters

Continuing on from our previous post (click here for a refresher), we’ll discuss what Bea will do now that she’s graduated from uni. for the last few decades, the Royal family has faced increasing criticism. It has been reported that Prince Charles is hoping to streamline the royal family somewhat, and only have the most senior members of the royal family work as full time royals.

The Royal Family at Trooping the Colour 2011, Picture Via SocialiteLife

Currently, this includes The Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, the Countess of Wessex, Prince William (part time now and full time in 2013), the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry (part time for the foreseeable future) and a smattering of Gloucesters and Kents.

Of course, in the next fifteen to twenty years many of the above will be slowing down and taking on less of the royal load, so to speak. So, the question is, would Beatrice and Eugenie ever become fulltime working Royals? It seems Prince Andrew would like to see that, but the way the Royal family is going does not indicate that this is likely.

Lady Louise (front, with Edward) and Princess Beatrice (far right) 2010. Picture Via Zimbio

When the Queen’s third son, Edward became a father, it was announced that his daughter Louise would not be known as HRH Princess Louise (as Beatrice and Eugenie were titled) but rather as the daughter of an Earl – Lady Louise. The reasoning for this was so that Lady Louise could grow up to live a relatively ‘normal’ live – i.e. get a job and not live off the civil list or other income via the Royal Family. Certainly she will have a trust fund and various inheritances, but she will also be expected to embark on a career of some sort as well, in the manner of Peter and Zara Philips.

On the day of Beatrice’s graduation, the Daily Mail reported that a Buckingham Palace spokesman said,

‘Princess Beatrice will, over the coming months, broaden her knowledge and experience to complement her position as a Member of the Royal Family. This will involve undertaking a number of internships to develop her experience, particularly in business and philanthropy. She will also continue to be involved with her existing charitable interests and look to progress this work into other relevant areas.’

 The Daily Mail continued to report that Palace officials insist that,

Beatrice will eventually look for full-time employment – but are unable to put a timescale on her plans. The Palace also declined to state whether or not she would become a fulltime working royal.

So…time will tell. Of course, it should also be said that we (the public) have no idea what Beatrice’s personal desires are. We expect she is probably still figuring things out.

Beatrice and Eugenie, 2010. Picture Via Marie Claire.

If we had to make a prediction, we would say that Beatrice will, after an exploratory year or two, embark on some permanent employment for a couple of years, while also making a few royal appearances here and there (at Trooping the Colour, for instance, and with Children in Crisis, one of her mother’s charities). We think that she will also marry her boyfriend in the next three to four years (more on Smiley Dave in another post!), have kids and then focus on charity work, and not necessarily be an official full-time working royal.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

The Future of Princess Beatrice ~ Part One

Picture Via The Daily Mail

We enjoy following Princess Beatrice’s activities, and a few days ago included her in our ‘Royal Back to School Pictures’ post – click here for a refresher. Well, how timely that was, because on Friday she graduated from Goldsmith’s College with a 2:1 in History – congratulations, Bea! Here is a picture of the young lady with her parents Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York.

For the last few years, we have been watching with particular interest to see what the devil Beatrice is going to do when she grows up.

If Beatrice had been born a boy, he would likely be going into the military right about now, and also perhaps taking part in several royal engagements a year, but largely embarking on his own career, much like what Prince Andrew did.

A few generations ago, it would be expected that such a princess would ‘marry well’, split her time between homes in the countryside and London, visit hospitals on behalf of the monarch and cut a few ribbons, and never pursue any sort of regular career.

However, times have changed and we do not see things happening quite like that. Surely they will still attend certain royal functions as members of the family, but here is no model for Beatrice and Eugenie in terms of what a royal princess in Britain is to do with herself as an adult in this day and age.

This is a rather large topic so we have broken in down in two parts and will continue to discuss it in Part Two!

The Duchess of Devonshire’s Link to the Duchess of York

Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire by Joshua Reynolds, c. 1775

The link between Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire and Sarah, Duchess of York is a fascinating one, and yet it’s not something that has really been picked up by the mainstream press save for a couple of articles here and there. We can’t think why that would be because it’s just  so interesting.

When the Keira Knightly film The Duchess came out in 2008 there was certainly a lot of buzz about how Georgiana was a a Spencer (like Diana!) who grow up at the family estate of Althorp (also Like Diana) and who was her great aunt (several times over).There are certainly a lot of parallels between Georgiana and Diana.

Georgiana married the Duke of Devonshire in 1774 on her 17th birthday and became the style icon of her day. When she wore a feather in her hair, all the ladies wanted to wear feathers in her hair. When she wore a tower of hair on her head, all the ladies followed suit. Oh, and she was friends with Marie Antoinette. The two of them made quite a pair, as you can imagine.

So there was all that buzz about Diana being so much like her great-great-great-great-great aunt since she too was a powerful style setter and woman of her time, but there really wasn’t much attention paid to the fact that Sarah, Duchess of York is actually a great granddaughter (five times over) of Georgiana, through Georgiana’s illegitimate daughter with Charles Grey. So, if you think about it, if it weren’t for that illegitamite daughter, the Duchess of York would never have been born. To top it all off, Grey went onto have an illustrious political career and became the Prime Minister of England. He was also the Second Early Grey and that title is where Earl Grey tea comes from. You just can’t make this stuff up.

So, Georgiana and Charles’ daughter was named Eliza Courtney and she was raised by relatives of Grey’s in Northumberland. She wasn’t told any of this, however, until after Georgiana’s death and until then only knew Georgiana as the kind lady who visited occasionally and wrote her letters. She must have been very moved to hear the truth and went on to name her daughter Georgina. Little did she know that one of her descendants would also go on to marry the second son of the Queen!

Wouldn’t this be a great contender for that television show about ancestry Who Do You Think You Are? We think so!

Via PrincessDianaRemembered.com
Via The Telegraph