Prince Albert and Princess Charlene in Leeds for Variety Club’s Fiftieth Anniversary Ball

via Daily Mail

 Prince Albert and Princess Charlene travelled to Leeds to attend the Variety Club’s fiftieth anniversary charity ball as guests of honour. The ball was held at Harewood House on Sunday, September 4 and raised 250,000 pounds. Well done!

Interestingly, according to the Yorkshire Post  Princess Grace and Prince Rainier attended this ball around 40 years ago. At that time it was held at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds. We haven’t been able to track down any photographs of that yet, but will be sure to include one in a future update if we do!

Now let’s avoid talking about the couple’s body language and how things are going with their marriage since Charlene’s sad tears on the wedding day. Instead, let’s talk about Charlene’s dress. I LOVE this on her. The silhouette, neckline,  and golden hue of the silky fabric is very flattering and, may I say looks much better on her than her wedding dress did. (To see our top 10 favourite royal wedding dresses, click here.) The whole effect is gorgeous and, in comparison, her wedding dress was just OK.  I think it was the  neckline on the wedding dress that I object to, along with the swirly rhinestones on the skirt. The overall affect was just too constrictive and ‘Vegas’ for me. It’s too bad she didn’t choose this silhouette instead. Here, the combination of great hair, dress, and accessories is perfect for a summer night.

via the Daily Mail