Royal Imitators

So the royals are often imitated by folks who want to dress like them, this we know. It’s always interesting to see celebrities doing it, though. Here are a couple of prime examples that spring to mind for us.

Mariah Carrey & Princess Diana

Mariah Carey has been very open about the fact that she was inspired by Princes Diana’s wedding dress, flowers, and tiara when she planned her ensemble for her wedding to Tommy Mottola. Her dress was designed by Vera Wang and had a 27 foot train (Diana’s was 25 feet). You can sure see the resemblance in both the dress and bouquet:

And of course here is Diana on her wedding day in the original by David and Elizabeth Emanuel:

Lindsay Lohan & Pippa Middleton

Ok, so Pippa isn’t royal, but she’s the sister in law of the future king so that’s close enough! Pippa wore this gorgeous green Temperley gown to William & Kate’s wedding dinner…and then Lindsay showed up at Kim Kardashian’s dress in the white version.

Let’s just say that she knew what she was doing. We bet Pippa and Kate got quite a chuckle out of it. For their part, Temperley’s PR team said that the dress was not loaned to Lindsay and that they believed she bought it. Need we say more?

The thing is, the royals do it too! Here are some key examples:

Princess Diana & Jackie Kennedy 

Princess Diana wore this pink Gianni Versace suite with a matching pill box style hat by Philip Sommerville in 1995 when visiting the troops. It is certainly reminiscent of the pink suit worn by Kennedy on the day the President was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

According to Christopher Anderson in Jackie After Jack, Jackie Kennedy said she thought Diana was a “beautiful, elegant, charming, very stylish and wonderful mother.” For her part, Diana hoped that she would be remembered in the same way as Jackie.

Princess Diana & Grace Kelly

Princess Diana channeled Grace Kelly at the Cannes Film Festival as we mention here. This dress was designed by Catherine Walker to give a nod to Princess Grace, and more specifically the blue gown Grace wore in the film To Catch a Thief:

Grace Kelly looked stunning in this blue gown, shown here in a scene from To Catch a Thief:

Here’s another look at the dress:

Charlotte Casiraghi, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, also seemed to take inspiration from this gown. She wore this gorgeous ice blue dress and cape to Prince Albert (her uncle) and Princess Charlene’s wedding reception. Not many could pull of that cape but she sure can! She’s a fun one to watch, that’s for sure.

Kate Middleton & Grace Kelly

Kate Middleton was inspired by Grace Kelly with her wedding gown, as we’ve already discussed here, but let’s look at the pictures again. Side note: Kate was reportedly overheard talking about how much she loved this dress when she and Camilla had lunch at the Berkley Hotel in London before the wedding so we had a feeling this was coming. Both dresses are so beautiful:

Well that was fun. If we’ve missed any of your favorite imitators, please let us know!

The Royal Wave Part Two

You may recall our first post on royal waves (click here for a refresher). There are just so many, we had to split the post into separate segments. We started out with British Royals and are now moving over to the continent. Here we take a look at Monaco, Sweden, and Denmark. Here we go!

Princess Grace

Such a wonderful royal waver. Here she is with Prince Rainier on their wedding day as if she’s been doing this her whole life. It’s a demure wave:

I think this is quintissential Grace here as well. She was partial to the side wave that Queen Elizabeth is known for:

Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene has definitely been studying up on Princess Grace, likely for many years. How could she not? Check out how similar the wave is here. This was taken after the civil wedding ceremony and is the first real princess waving Charlene has done:

She wasn’t a princess yet when she was photographed on the palace on Monaco’s National Day in 2010 but she still looks plenty regal. That is a serious princess outfit to go with that wave. It seems to be from another era:

And here was a tentative wave right before the engagement was announced. The couple was photographed attending Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s Wedding. They waited until just after the wedding weekend to announce their own engagement (so as not to detract attention from this wedding, natch):

It would be really nice to see Charlene loosening up and having more fun and less worried about keeping up the “Serene” in her title…(Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, that is)…but we digress. On to Sweden!

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Princess Victoria could definitely teach Charlene a thing or two about loosening up. Victoria is an enthusiastic waver. Here she is at her wedding, pleased as punch, doing the hand flap wave. Prince Daniel, on the other hand, is being careful to keep his wave good and formal. He had JUST become a Prince about an hour before, after all:

Just look at them here. Adorable:

And here. This was the night before the wedding, so a thumbs up was also in order from the future prince:

In case I haven’t made my point on the enthusiasm front, a final shot:

And so from herewe move onto a more “serious” princess for some contrast. Let’s talk about Mary.

Crown Princes Mary of Denmark

Mary seems like a lovely person. She also seems to take the whole Princess thing very seriously. Take, for example, this wedding wave. It’s like she’s saying. “Yes. Here I am. Carry on”:

And here’s Mary’s standard wave again – 90 degree angle shoulder and straight fingers:

And again:

This one seems to go against the norm. Big time. I really wouldn’t have put her down for a royal hand flapper.  This was taken at Queen Margrethe’s 70th Birthday Gala. I wonder who she’s waving at:

That’s a splendid wave to end off on if I ever saw one…more to come later!

What are your favourite royal wedding dresses? Here are ours…

What could be more fun than having a good look at the most gorgeous royal wedding dresses? We’ve rounded up our top ten favourites and would love which one you love the most.Disclaimer: We didn’t include the gowns of Lady Diana Spencer or Sarah Ferguson, just because…well, we just couldn’t imagine wearing either. In our opinion, the dresses that made the cut are still timeless and gorgeous so they made the cut.

If you disagree with our choices, please add your vote to the poll and sound off in the comments! All right, let’s get started:

10. Lady Sarah Chatto, London, July 1994


It feels wrong to have this gorgeous dress down at the end of the list but someone had to be #10. Lady Sarah Chatto (nee Armstrong-Jones) is the late Princess Margaret’s daughter and therefore the Queen’s niece. She was also one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids in 1981. When we first saw pictures of Sarah in this Jasper Conran designed dress back in 1994, it just seemed so ladylike and perfect. 17 years later it still looks timeless. We love the square neck, sheer sleeves, and drape of the fabric.  And how lovely are the matching bridesmaids dresses? the corsetry and fastenings up the back are stunning.

9. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, London, 1960

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