Favourite Royal Olympic Moments Part Two

In our last post, we recapped some delightful moments from the Danish, Swedish, and Dutch royals. Today we’ll jump right in with the Belgian royals.

The Belgian Royals

Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe brought their family to London to take part in the festivities. Here they are at Wimbledon watching a rousing game of tennis. That’s Princess Elisabeth hiding behind the Belgian flag; as we discussed back in February, she is second in line to the throne. Hurray for the enthusiasm:

They also did a bit of sightseeing:

The Norwegian Royals

Skipping along, Princess Mette-Marit and Prince Haakon were in London for the start of the games, and are shown here ready for the Opening Ceremony:

They were at several events with their family. That’s Princess Ingrid on the left with her brother Prince Sverre Magnus.

The Spanish Royals

The Spanish royals did their fair share of cheering, too. Here they are during the Spain’s basketballgame against Russia:

The Queen was there, too:

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco

Now I think we’re coming to a true highlight. As you may recall, we’ve been a bit concerned about Princess Charlene after that rather dreadful interview with CBS, so we were happy to see her looking very spirited while cheering on the South African swimming team. She was a member of the South African swim team for the Sydney Olympics, and here she is when Chad le Clos won the gold in a major upset for Michael Phelps who ended up with silver.

It was awesome.

A tearful moment with mom and pop le Clos:

High Five for that:

Near the end of the games, we had another royal greeting when Prince Albert sat behind the Duchess of Cambridge

Which leads us to the British Royals…

The British Royals

Naturally, they were out in full force. Let’s boil down some key moments. First of all, let’s give it to the Queen for her involvement in the Opening Ceremony:

Would have been nice if she’d cracked a smile, but what can you do:

Kate and William were very enthusiastic cheerers:

But Prince Harry was really my favourite to watch…

…especially when he got out his camera at women’s volleyball:

Sophie got out her camera during the swimming:

And, look, Prince Daniel of Sweden made sure to say hello at another event:

And let’s here it for Lady Louise and Viscount Severn who showed up at an equestrian event:

Eugenie and Beatrice didn’t miss out, either:

But the best moment has to be when  Zara and her team won the silver medal and Princess Anne was there to award them.

Did we miss any of your favourite royal moments?

The Spanish Royals at the Olympics

The Olympics are just two week away so today’s as good a day as any to chat about the Spanish Royals at the Olympics. The Spanish Royals like to sail and they are mighty good at it. Here we go…

Queen Sofia of Spain

Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark, now Queen Sofia of Spain, represented Greece in the 1960 Olympics in Rome. She was on the sailing team. Sadly, I haven’t been able to unearth a photograph of that event, so you’ll just have to take my word for it! She married Infante Juan Carlos of Spain just two years later in 1962.

Prince Constantine of Greece and Denmark

Before we chat about Juan Carlos’ Olympic experience, Princess Sofia’s brother Constantine also competed in the 1960 Games and won a gold medal in sailing (dragon class, to be precise). Constantine went on to become the sixth and last King of Greece. He succeeded the throne in 1964 at the age of 23, and as you know the Greek Royal Family was abolished in 1973. Here is some footage of the 1960 Olympics and the dashing prince sailing away in his white and blue uniform:


As you may recall from our previous post, this was the same Olympic Games that Princess Grace’s brother Kell participated in. Kell won bronze in rowing.

King Juan Carlos of Spain

Back when he was the heir apparent, Juan Carlos participated in the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. He competed in the Mixed Three Person Keel Boat and his team placed 15th.

He still loves the sport of sailing. Here he is with fellow former Olympian Prince Albert at Monaco’s Yacht show in 2011:

Prince Felipe

The King and Queen’s son Prince Felipe followed their footsteps and is also a former Olympian. In 1992, he was part of the sailing team at the Barcelona Games. How appropriate! Like Zara Philips who will compete on home soil at the upcoming games, Felipe also got to compete on home turf.

The prince was also given the honour of being the flag bearer for the Spanish team at the Opening Ceremony.

Here is some video footage of the Opening Ceremony.  Prince Felipe and the Spanish team are at 4:08 and they cut to the King and Queen clapping away. We also see a clip of Infanta Elena.  I love how they announce all the countries in multiple languages and in such a celebratory manner… “Espana!“…”Spain!“…


Infanta Cristina

Felipe’s sister Infanta Cristina shares her family’s love of sailing. She represented Spain on the sailing team at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. Like her brother, she was the flag bearer during the Opening Ceremony.

Just like Prince Frederik of Denmark and the King of Sweden, Cristina met her husband Inaki Urdangarin y Liebaert at the Olympics. The two met at the Atlanta 1996 summer Olympics where he was a member of the Spanish handball team. He won bronze at both the 1996 Atlanta Games and the 2000 Sydney Games.

Princess Crstina and Inaki were married in 1997. He now holds the title Duke of Palma de Mallorca.

Unfortunately, the Duke has been alledgeldy involved in a money laundering scandal, and is consequently not participating in Royal events for the time being. Since this blog is supposed to be fun and frivolous, we’ll leave it at that for now.

This photograph is of Infanta Cristina and her husband, who was competing in the Games:

It seems that the Spanish royals skip out on the Winter Olympics, but they certainly showed up in full force for the last summer Olympics, held in Beijing.

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia attended a reception for the Spanish team.

They also cheered on the team at various events:

Queen Sofia and Infanta Elena were at the games as well:

Love this photograph of Felipe sharing a joke with his uncle King Constantine of Greece. That’s Queen Anne-Marie of Greece on the right:

Spain is hoping to recreate the magic of the 1992 Barcelona games with the 2020 Olympic Games, which they are proposing be held in Madrid. The other two cities in the running are Tokyo and Istanbul. The winning city will be announced in September 2013.

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Royals in their Prams Part Two

Part One of this series focussed on four generations of the British Royals enjoying the view from their baby carriages. Today, with one exception, we’re looking at  the youngest generation of European Royals out and about their prams.

But first, in case you haven’t yet seen the pictures released of Princess Estelle of Sweden at four days old, take a look. The sweater Estelle is wearing was knit by her great-great grandmother Alice.

Cute! Onto the those baby carriages…

The Danish Royal Family

We’ll start with one of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s many royal godchildren, Prince Christian, Count of Monpezat. There he is with his mom Princess Mary of Denmark and their family dog in Copenhagen. Prince Christian was born in 2005 and is the second in line to the Danish thrown after his father. Perhaps we should have a series on Young Future Kings of Europe?

Prince Frederik of Denmark got in on things on a different occasion:

The Spanish Royals

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia had their carriage out in April 2008 with daughters Princess Leonor and Princess Sophie.

The Belgian Royals

We love this old family picture of Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz , the future Princess Mathilde of Belgium and Duchess of Brabant.

This photograph was taken at her family’s beautiful estate where she grew up. It is called, Castle Losange:

Too bad we haven’t yet been able to track down a picture of her daughter and future Queen of the Belgians, Princess Elisabeth.

The Royal Family of the Netherlands:

Ok, so this isn’t your traditional pram, but they sure do like their bikes there in the Netherlands so it works for us! That’s Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander with two of their daughters, Princess Catharina-Amalia and Princess Alexia:

We’ll be back on Thursday March 1 for a review of Kate, Camilla, and the Queen’s visit to Fortnum & Mason that day.  See you then.

The Young Future Queens of Europe: Infanta Leonor of Spain

Her Royal Highness Infanta Leonor of Spain was born on October 31, 2005 in Madrid. Her parents are Prince Filipe and Princess Letizia. Her official title is Her Royal Highness, Infanta of Spain.

Spain still follows male primogeniture for succession, though there have been talks of updating the constitution to match those of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands. No changes have been made as of yet, so Princess Leonor will continue to be second in line to the throne after her father unless she has any brothers in the future. As such, like her contemporaries Princess Ingrid of Norway and Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, she is expected to be Queen of Spain.

This is a picture of Prince Filipe taken just four hours after  Leonor’s birth:

Ok, so what is an infanta, you may ask? Well, infanta means ‘infant’ in Portuguese and this is the title and rank given to children of a monarch and the grandchildren of the male line of the monarch of Spain. All infantes are also given the title of Princes or Princess.

The princess was baptised on the 14th of January, 2006. Following the tradition of Spain’s royal family, she was baptised with water from the River Jordan. Her godparents are her paternal grandparents, Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain.

Here she is with her godparents, the King and Queen of Spain:

We love this picture so much, we’ve shown it before, in our post on royal kids heading back to school (click here for a refresher). This was taken in September of 2008.

And, to finish, here is our favourite pic of Leonor. She apparently got the giggles when the wind threatened her skirt during an outing with her mom in Mallorca:

Time will tell if Leonor has a brother that will threaten her place in the line of succession. In that case, the succession laws could be changed…or not. We shall see! In any case, here’s to Leonor having many more giggles…

Royal Roundup ~ Oct 7 – 14

It’s been another eventful week for the Royals! Here are a few of our favourite news items

October 8th: Prince Harry and Chelsy reportedly had dinner…

Katie Nicholl is quite a reputable royal resource so if she says Chelsy and Harry had dinner before he left for the States, they very well may have done. Check out more on this here. In the meantime, Harry has arrived in the States for his Royal Air Force training and has been spotted out and about enjoying burgers and beer.

October 10: Prince Philippe & Princess Letizia out and about

The Crown Prince & Princess of Spain attended  the World Heritage Committee Meeting in Segovia and took the time to meet the kiddies. Love Letizia’s orange accessories! And this pic here is priceless. Work it, Letizia!

October 11: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene Stepped out Together

The Prince and Princess of Monaco attended the Monaco Humanitary Group Presentation and Charlene seems pretty relaxed here! Nice to see.

October 11: More information released regarding Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary’s official visit to Australia

Prince Frederick and Princess Mary will be visiting Mary’s native Australia in an official capacity from November 19 to 26. They will be visiting Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne and hopefully Mary will be able to have a nice, private week or so with family and friends afterwards. This will be the couple’s first official visit to Australia since 2005.

October 12: Changes to Royal Succession Laws Proposed

This is VERY SIGNIFICANT: Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed that succession laws be revised to allow for girls to have the same rights to succession as boys. So, this means that regardless of gender, Prince William and Kate’s first child would be the future King or Queen.

Other countries have already gotten on this bandwagon; Sweden amended their Act of Succession in 1980 to allow for equal primogeniture. This meant that Princess Victoria of Sweden, who was born in 1977, became the heir apparent over her younger brother Prince Carl Philip, who was born in 1979 and so had about a year as the Crown Prince and future King. Before this ammendment, only male heirs could inherit the throne. After the amendment, Princess Victoria became Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Carl Philipe became plain old Prince Carl Philip. Of course, Carl Philip was a year old when his title changed so he can’t have been all that cut up about it.

But we digress. Check out this article from the BBC for more details on Mr. Cameron’s proposal. If you’re curios about the British Monarchy’s current Act of Settlement, click here to be redirected to the British Monarchy’s official page on this topic.

October 13: Official Trip Announcement: Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are headed to South Africa & Tanzania in November

This official visit will take place from November 2 to 9th and will include  a celebration of Tanzania’s 50 years of independence from the UK, visits to children’s literacy programs, and support of the World Wildlife Fund.

What are your favourite royal wedding dresses? Here are ours…

What could be more fun than having a good look at the most gorgeous royal wedding dresses? We’ve rounded up our top ten favourites and would love which one you love the most.Disclaimer: We didn’t include the gowns of Lady Diana Spencer or Sarah Ferguson, just because…well, we just couldn’t imagine wearing either. In our opinion, the dresses that made the cut are still timeless and gorgeous so they made the cut.

If you disagree with our choices, please add your vote to the poll and sound off in the comments! All right, let’s get started:

10. Lady Sarah Chatto, London, July 1994

Via Fashionista.com

It feels wrong to have this gorgeous dress down at the end of the list but someone had to be #10. Lady Sarah Chatto (nee Armstrong-Jones) is the late Princess Margaret’s daughter and therefore the Queen’s niece. She was also one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids in 1981. When we first saw pictures of Sarah in this Jasper Conran designed dress back in 1994, it just seemed so ladylike and perfect. 17 years later it still looks timeless. We love the square neck, sheer sleeves, and drape of the fabric.  And how lovely are the matching bridesmaids dresses? the corsetry and fastenings up the back are stunning.

9. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, London, 1960

Via The Telegraph